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  1. Sandi, This word gets to the heart of the matter. It is always about the heart. Loved the part about words, not disappearing. They can become the elephant in the room, opening or closing doors in this season. We must make a real effort to be and stay still for our time with the Lord. I love the part about the refiners fire at work in the silence. Will print this one, it’s a keeper. Also sent it to a family member. Love you And Jesus in you sister.

    • Loved hearing your take on the elephant in the room, Patricia. That was actually just after I personally walked through an experience of taking a thought that became an opinion and turned into a judgment of someone and I never saw that I was judging her. Then the Lord reminded me that when we fall into the judgment trap, it is always rooted in pride. Boy, did the Lord get my attention before I could reply to her. He gave me a download of loving correction for about an hour of seeing it from His perspective and showing me my heart. Thanks for sharing. Love and blessings, Sandi

  2. Dear Joyce, Thanks over and over for your loving response to the heart of the Father. You are God’s cheerleader always cheering us on!! We truly MUST be still in these times that we cannot explain, understand or even fathom without the wisdom of the Lord. Lord, help us to keep our mouth shut unless you give us something you desire us to speak. I receive that prayer that the Lord help us to surrender all of our thought life to HIM for wisdom and may HE be the only FILTER we need to release His living water. xoxo Sandi

  3. Good beautiful Day Sandi.
    Your Word reminds me of a dream I had where I saw myself sitting in front of a large window looking through as women on the other side flaunted themselves before me to stir up within me the spirit of envy. But I turned away as if waking up and got off the stool as a Spirit of Perfect Peace filled my soul and mind. There was a man I knew from my “dark” past trying to get me to continue agreeing with what had been holding me in bondage, and I knew somehow he’d been benefitting from my suffering. I simply walked past him to a pedestal and signed out and walked out the door. Overhead was a very dark very loud cloudy sky, the shapes of the clouds were animals and inparticular I saw and heard the loud annoying sound of the elephant. I simply looked up at the sky and said, “Peace be still,” and like mud soaked in water it all disintegrated and fell to the earth. Overhead now was the most Beautiful Blue Sky I had ever seen and the people walking around were now awakened and enlightened. Suddenly before me from out of the sky appeared a hovercraft with two men, very upset, with devices in their hands which had been releasing the thick smoke keeping people in bondage. But no matter…..WE WERE FREE!!!
    The End. :D

    • Cherish, You sure have powerful insightful dreams. Thanks for sharing..glory to God for the Freedom we so freely have access to til THE END. Sandi

    • Dear Lynece, Grateful for your agreement. May God lead and guide you as you run with His message of Resurrection Power in this hour! Sandi

  4. Love this Word and rhe heart of the Father, Sandi. Thank you for being the vessel He spoke through on this. It is very encouraging amidst all the turmoil going on everywhere, especially in Israel right now. It all brings me right now to the scripture “Be still and know that I AM God.”
    To borrow a powerful excerpt. “You may not even remember the words you have spoken — but the moment they leave your mouth, they haven’t disappeared.
    So, avoid careless speaking and never return evil for evil!”
    Lord help us all to surrender our thoughts by taking them captive, so thereby our heart is not popping out of our mouths! I love you sister. ❤️

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