Is this the Beginning of Sorrows?

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Is this the beginning of Sorrows?
The Quickening


Is this the beginning of Sorrows?

Last evening I read through the news articles on my computer home page.  Yesterday, most of them were not there; there was everything else, but what was surely important.  I went down the list reading the first parts of each one.  Sorrows.   Either it’s here now, or could be soon.

I think it’s what I’ve come to know as a reverse psychology.  When people are likely not watching and are pre-occupied with something else, slip in some truth; what’s really going on in the entire world.  Knowing, most are not paying attention; we’re asleep at the wheel.

That way, no one could say, oh, we didn’t know all that was going on.  And the answer will be; “Well, we gave the information; it’s not our fault people did not read it!”

We’ve gotten so caught up in how important we are and how great we are, we’ve forgotten to care what the rest of the world is doing.  The stage is being set.  Let me say a little bit. When I was in Vietnam, I saw the Viet Cong do some things.  They would cause a big disturbance on one side of the base, and while everybody’s attention was diverted to what was going on there, they would have some guys slip in under the wire, on the opposite side.  Maybe a dozen attempted it and our guys took out at least half of them.  But, the other half, disappeared into the base; on our side.  These, could do more damage, than anything else.  Distraction.

We are on the edge, of some of the most sorrowful times, we have ever known; not just in this country, but all over the globe.  Hatred, breeds a form of tunnel vision.  Everybody’s focused on their own personal interpretations, their own perspective of events, their own peeves and ideas; up on their own soap boxes, pointing fingers, and they are not watching the perimeter.  Throwing slurs at people, at nations, and focusing on who we can blame, allows certain things, even certain people, to slip in unnoticed.  If you and I are having a face to face showdown and head-butting, we won’t see that somebody may be slipping up behind us.  My venting at you, is the most important thing; having my say.  We’re not on guard; the enemy knows that.

Call me a fear monger; I don’t care anymore.  Desensitized.  We’ve eaten and drank so much violence on film and television, so many violent video and computer games, evil spirit science fiction movies; nothing moves us.  Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in divers places; famine, pestilences; okay; then what did Jesus say comes after that.

To the very religious, pose another question; has the gospel been preached to the whole world yet?  I dared to read a few comments after the first Ebola patient here died.  I have never heard such hatred, demeaning and harsh statements; people who were actually foaming at the mouth; over 12,000 comments; venom spew.

I wonder how many are watching the money situation.  How many of us are recalling, just how many lands have material that could wipe out entire parts of the earth; and what if God lets some fanatic flip a few switches.  I read, where the scripture said, the elements would melt with fervent heat.  I can assure you, most of us have no idea where we are in all of this.  We know less about the last Book, than we ever did before.  We are so busy railing on one another; or whispering sweet stuff, that sounds good, but doesn’t amount to anything.  Many churches are having some kind of entertainment show; or they are so convinced, they are going to fly out of it all, any moment.  Now.

Do we hear, what Jesus said. “He that hath an ear….”

The Quickening

How can you tell someone is anointed of the Holy Ghost?

Something I was quoting today, caused me to stop all of a sudden.  It caught my attention; as we say sometimes, it jumped out at me.  I was reciting the 23rd Psalm because I was somehow being distracted from the daily devotion I try to do.  I got to the part, ‘thou anointest my head with oil,” and I bogged down.  I had to stop, go through the whole thing again, and when I got to this part again, I felt to draw back all of a sudden.

There have been times in the past few years, when I totally forgot the next line; “my cup runneth over.”  Just skipped over it.  So, to be sure, I got the Book down and turned to where I could read it.  Along about where it says that He prepares a table before me, in the presence of mine enemies, there is a stop.  See, we’ve been talking about knowing those who are the real deal; and how we can really tell, if they are or not.  Back in the Old day, prophets anointed certain people that God told them to anoint.  If I’m right, they didn’t just take a little dab, and touch them on the forehead as so many of us do today.  I believe they literally poured the jug full on top of their head, and it ran down all over them.  Aaron, even had it in his beard.

Perhaps for the first time, some of us have been able to say things we were led to say or wanted to say, but weren’t allow to.  For example, that just because someone gets everybody to jumping and leaping, or they managed to arouse everyone’s emotions, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are anointed by the Spirit.  Same thing with a very talented singer or musician.  They can be good, very good and set the house on fire, so to speak; yet, they may not be truly anointed with the Spirit.  Who could you tell, or in what way might you declare, that a great deal of all of this tech display seen on what was once the platform of the church, isn’t anointed; even distracting.  Just because it’s loud, or mournful, doesn’t prove it real.

I tried looking up the word “quickening.”  And the word “unction.”  I found: To make keen or more acute, to agree, concur, harmonize or to match.  I was trying to find words to describe what happens, when the Holy Ghost moves on you, and you feel that true anointing of the Spirit.  I was trying to relay, just how that felt. Would you believe; their are no words.  You see, people once came to our services, because they “felt” something there, that they did not feel where they came from.  Tell me, how do you describe, how it feels, when the Holy Ghost agrees with your spirit.  What words do you use to describe, how it truly feels, when another person’s spirit, one who is truly following after the Holy Ghost, agrees with your spirit.  Why, I can’t even write it down.  There simply is, nothing else to compare it to.  There’s not.

Someone is preaching, and all of a sudden, you feel that move, that stir, that acceleration of power, that life-changing feeling that causes that genuine awareness and instantly, you are quickened by the Holy Ghost.  It can come when someone is singing, when they are testifying or just talking to another person, or, even reading something that’s been written.  To discern, means to know.  Remember the words to that old song; “It makes you move, makes you shout, makes you cry, WHEN IT’S REAL.”  We’ve got to have it in this hour.  The truth is, we always needed it.  You cannot replace it, you can’t substitute it, you can’t fake it and your can’t market it.  We have got to Know.  And that knowing, only comes by the Holy Ghost.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. The time of Sorrows began 9/11 2001. We have been in it for 14 years now. It’s only intensified to the point, now you can start to see it. Many of us have been sounding the horn for 16 years, two years before it started.