It Had No Root!


An important question today is, “Are we still willing to grow?”

And even more so, “Are we truly ready to grow along spiritual lines?”

True growth, is often painful.  Looking at the yard where I live today, I am fully aware, that if things are not cut back, if the soil is not updated, it will surely become ugly, even diseased.  We end up with more stem, than we have flowers.  If it is some kind of producing tree or plant, it will surely have little or no fruit later on.

Our LORD was speaking to a great multitude one day.  In fact, there were so many that he had to get into a boat and teach from the waters edge.  Let’s ask ourselves, why do we think this particular text is in the Holy scriptures?   Was there a point to be made?  Is it still relevant to today?

After this parable and when all of the crowd had left, His disciples and those around Him, asked Jesus if He would please explain what this teaching was all about.  He did explain.

The sower, soweth the Word.  Not man’s ideas or opinions.  Not what a certain group of people have commissioned, but the Word.

It has been observed that somewhere along the line, some decided that the body of Christ, the sheep, could not be trusted.  Although they had the baptism of the Holy Ghost, their discerning skills had to be inadequate.

That’s not the Holy Ghost I know today.  It is either evil or wicked, or both, to rely entirely on someone else’s understanding of the Spirit, of the Word itself.  It offends the Holy Spirit of God.

Jesus said that the Comforter would be sent in His name.  This expression of God’s Spirit, would lead us and guide us.  The apostle later taught that this Spirit living inside us, would teach us to truly discern both good and bad.

It seems the place to add, that this is not all about hearing.  The Word, was scattered in all kinds of places.  The only ones who produced real fruit were those that heard it and, received it; resulting in the 30-60-100 fruit bearing.  It could be applied to the physical, but more so, the fruit of the Spirit.

The Kingdom of God, is a mystery.  Not everyone can know the things of the Spirit.  Only those who have genuinely been born of the Spirit can do so.

It might of scared some folk that more of the truth was going to be revealed as we went along.  And the Spirit declared that He would have, if we had allowed Him, to lead and teach.

Without a one-on-one with the Spirit we are not going to be very deep into the things He is doing.  Poor diets, lend weak results.

Whether taught by appointed teachers while reading His word, in our day or our night, the Spirit does not need anyone’s permission to lead or teach.  He also needs no one’s approval to leave the person or the midst, if He is not given first place.

As we once said, He requires our undivided attention.  Many will not hear what the Spirit is saying to the church today.  Perhaps many will, but they will not receive it; they will not act on it.   The Spirit, gives understanding.

What many are hearing today has no real root to it.  As the heat becomes more intense and it will, what seems so great will wilt away.

The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things often enter in.  When “affliction” or persecution ariseth for the Words sake, immediately they are offended.  While many others are giving their lives for the name of Jesus Christ, we here, are being sated with insufficient food; an unbalanced diet in all areas of our own spirit.

Are our roots, grounded in the Holy Ghost?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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