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It Is Not Too Late, Dear Child of God! — 6 Comments

  1. Amen ! Thank you Deborah for such an encouraging word and so very true – the Lord is bringing our loved ones in! I have been praying for our son (who has been influenced by the occult for at least 10 years) On Sunday I had sent him an email and shared about God not giving us a spirit of fear.. as he has been walking in fear and condemnation for many years (the enemy is such a cruel taskmaster) and he called me on Sunday and sounded so joyful
    – something has changed!  And one of the things you heard the Lord say was they would “cast off the works of darkness” !  Hallelujah Jesus! – thank you Lord – You are bringing our prodigals and loved ones home! Your name is glorified forever and ever!

  2. Thank you for the added video. Wonderful, beautiful ! This morning when I sat at the bedside and prayed and opened the Holy Bible, my eyes first read: He will bring back the lost, He will bind up their wounds and will heal them. That verse isn’t new or unknown, it is always a treasure. What is astounding: One of my neighbours yesterday late evening knockerd on my door, she wanted to say some good words to me. This is that woman who has prayer flags from another religion in the garden. She suddenly said, she was given a PSALM 23 verse from her former Lutheran pastor, and she even quoted it ! Wow, then I quoted my verse, given 1977 to me bya Lutheran pastor, it is Psalm 27. We never ever had such a good conversation. Thank you, dear sister, for the article and every Bible verse.

  3. Amen! A true message of Hope! God surely has not forgotten, and our prayers are not in vain. Thank you sister.

  4. What a blessing to read this in the early hours. I awoke at 5 am on the 5th and in my prayer to the Lord He said in 5 days He will show His glory to bring my son into his destiny. He is at home and needs Jesus and His guidance now more than ever. I am trusting the Lord and this work confirmed His promise to me!! Thank you sister and God bless you !!

    • What a beautiful testimony. We will help pray for your son’s strength now and stability. Gods confirmation to you. I’m also waiting on God for some loved prodigals to come home!

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