It Is Time for This Season to Change


If there is one thing that people really stew and get cranky about (generally) – it’s “CHANGE”.

People simply do not like change!  They have their own comfort zone and love to stay in it.  Yes sir-eeeee!

They will do ➡️anything and everything⬅️ to stay where they are.

They will give every excuse in the books to be able to stay where they are.  But the reality is that God works in seasons, in people, in families, in churches and in nations and that involves a change.

There is a season to sow, there is a season to cry and then there is a season to reap.  When God says, “son, daughter, it is time for this season to change” we fight back, because we do not like changes.

Of course we DO want God to use us, we pray all the time – “LORD use me”, and when the LORD says “It is Time” (for the season to shift) – we resist – we bring excuses.

Some of us actually flee away in fright or blame others who were assigned to help assist us on our way to purer pathways and freedom from being codependent and bogged down in the cycle of dramas.

In order to move out of our past, we must make a change in emphasis and in priorities. Without those,we will remain where we are.

When I travel by plane or in a train, I sit on the seat that is assigned for me.  But there are times we are offered a better seating opportunity.  No one can get to this better seat without getting up from where they have been and change seats, moving to the new location.

A shifting ensures that you get that which has been assigned for you.

Often, God must break our nest for anything good to happen.

“Like the eagle enticing her young to fly, and hovering over them, he (The LORD) spreads his wings, and has caught him and carried him on his shoulders,”   Deuteronomy 32:11.

An eagle applies a “change” in order to teach it’s little ones how to fly.  An eagle’s nest is always built in heights – they never make their nest close to the ground.

The little eaglets become very comfy and refuse to learn how to fly.  The mother eagle has a little plan that always works. She breaks the nest and in turn throws the eaglet in thin air.  Oh what a heartless act – right??  So it would seem.  Hmmmmm….

But as the baby is quickly hurtling towards the earth flapping its wings, the mother eagle will swoop under it and carry it back to the heights.

At times change becomes so hard that God has to end up breaking our nests – our comfort zones.

Friends, if it is God that has shifted or broken your comfort zones please do not be afraid.  He will not let your foot be dashed against the rocks.  Nothing wrong is going to happen to you.  God has this under control.

No more excuses!

God understands that you have fears and that the assignments that He has given you are not easy.  But you have been equipped with all you need to accomplish what God has appointed you to do.

What is your reaction to this statement?

What are you going to do to get ready and to stand up?

Pray and ask God to help you tap into the strength that He has already given you!

“I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me,”   Psalms 57:2.

It is God who fulfills His purpose in me.  He is the one who has created us with a purpose. He will surely fulfill it in me.


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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