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It Took the Blood Sacrifice — and it Still Does — 10 Comments

  1. You’re welcome Mama. May God hold you & your family members in the palm of his hand. Above all, may HE send you peace that surpasses all understanding from above. Am praying for you. Thanks

  2. Glad to know Dear Dou made it right with God before his final journey to eternal home! What a great testimony of God’s Mercy & second chance. Though not everyone may have Dou’ privilege, I urge us all to live a Christ filled life now more than ever before! God Bless Jonathan whom the lord gave you to model in Christ ways! More strength Mama.

    • Amen to all your words Adams and thank you. So true, as everyone is not going to make it in. We can only come when the spirit of God is drawing us!

  3. What a beautiful testimony of the goodness of the Lord to comfort those who mourn and make you a spiritual mom, so filled with His love!

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