It will not matter…

First published by Sharon Luzzi  of   Voice of Prophecy  on 6 November 2012


I received this last week and am going to release it now.

It will not matter who is President.  Everything is going to seem like it is completely out of control, up for grabs.

My people, you will need to be able and ready to deal with the conflict and disaster on your own soil.  Your faith will now show.
Do you have or do you not have …...FAITH……..?
I am here to protect you!  You will need to know who I AM.
Not what you have been told that I AM.
This will be where the rubber meets the road.
You can not assume that all things will be business as usual.
I have come to free you from that thinking.  You will need to know who I AM.
Not what you have been told.
Come, take this time to prepare.
You knowing me is what will matter.
I am your provider and protector, in good times and bad.
Yes, be wise, but know that also comes from me. Wisdom
Do not rely on your own thinking.
It will seem like total chaos soon.
Everything will seemingly be out of control.
Do not fret.
For I have all things in my hand.
My Government will arise out of this time.
It will be seen and felt.
That which was not seen or acknowledged before.
Nothing can stop it.
All that is within you will pale in comparison to those coming events.
Do not worry for I have it all in my hand.
All will be taken care of.
Beware – Peace Peace
When and where there is no Peace.
False agreements, False Atmosphere.
Not to be taken lightly.
Come enter into covenant with me.
I have always had a covenant with My people.
It is no different now.
The Bride has a covenant with Me.
It is for all.
Come I will be with you always.

It 2001, Nine days before 9/11, I received a word about terror being on the land and soon.
I read it at the church I was at during that time.
My daughter had dreams of the planes flying and bombing she was still new in her gifts and didn’t think to tell me.  She was 15 years old.
A few others talked later and had dreams to warn us.
Also not realizing.
I was also off work the day it happened and wasn’t really supposed to be off but God knew.
He made it so I was where I needed to be.
This word has a similar feel to it.
I have had dreams of large bodies of water flooding which was Hurricane Sandy.
The most recent one was being what I believe to be Europe and Planes flying over and spraying very wet substances and then rain coming immediately.
People scared and not knowing what to do.
I have had recently Earthquake dreams that were very large.
In the Spirit I see like a very large wave cresting and I see the end of what we know.
It is a very strong vision.
I feel like just like this word that things will change and not into what we are used to.
Please –  God is trying to get everyone’s attention to be prepared for the changes.


First published by Sharon Luzzi  of   Voice of Prophecy  on 6 November 2012


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