It’s All About The Wilderness!


“And immediately, the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness,”  Mark 1:12.  Who?

Whom did the Spirit drive into such a place?  It was Jesus Christ.

Are we understanding, that the Holy Ghost actually did such a thing.  The answer is, Yes.

Because of some of our own doctrinal issues, most of us could not go there. I t would likely have been in stark conflict with what we believed.  What we were telling others, was the only way to go.

This message, is not about doctrine.  It’s about the wilderness.

It tells of that vast wasteland, where not everyone wants to go.  It was written, that Jesus Christ, was also tempted in all points; in about every way we would be too.

Some of us, in our limited understanding, would say to God, even now, that He didn’t know what it was like to be human.  “How can you truly know how I feel?  You’ve never walked in my shoes!”

You see, God understands humans; He made them.  So, He became one of us.

The Spirit is talking to some people today.  Some, if not many of us, have felt we were about to cave in. It seems like we have been wrung out, in every way possible.

In the past, it would never have occurred to us, that the Spirit would do such a thing.  It was a very long time, before most of us, could even see that so much of this suffering and pain, was allowed.  It was beyond us, to believe that although God didn’t do it, He allowed the devil to.  Like our Job?

We have shorted ourselves, by not doing what Apostle James said we should do.  We have done without a lot of healing, by not being able to say to a brother or sister, “I want to give up.  It’s too much for me; I just can’t take it anymore.”  Much less, to say that to God.  It often seems to amaze me, that we fail to entertain, that He already knows how we feel anyway.  Now that, is all about what kind of true relationship we have with Him.  Are we friends, and can we talk.

I read today, about the story where Jesus healed the man who had leprosy.  He told him to go show himself to the priest and do the things it was necessary to do at the time.  But, don’t tell anybody.  The man, and we can understand why, told it all over the town; in every place he went.  Insomuch, that Jesus could not enter into the city, without being mobbed.  There is something that comes at this point, that many of us need to hear; with true Spiritual discernment.

“But was without, in desert places.”  And they came to Him. They came from every quarter.  Many of us, are not going to have the kind of ministry we once thought was the only way to go. Just what do you do, when the Holy Ghost is not in the house.  And too many there, do not want to wholly follow the Spirit; denying Him full control.  The miracles, signs and wonders; the Power we were meant to demonstrate, cannot happen in such an atmosphere.

If the true apostles and prophets of this hour, are not allowed to operate in the Spirit among these brethren, where will they operate?

If the true order of Ministry is quenched, and the gifts of the Spirit are not fully encouraged or allowed solid freedom to work, where will they be operating.  Could it be, in the desert; the wilderness that so many of us have found ourselves in today.

Jesus Christ will go, where people can come to Him.   Will He, be sending them, to us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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