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It’s Not Over Until God Says So! — 4 Comments

  1. I did need to hear this encouraging word! I have been clinging to the Lord in this time. So deep is my prayer for His deliverance… I keep pressing expecting and hoping for the suddenly to happen.

    All glory honor and praises to Him for the revelation, the grace, favor and goodness He is showing us in this time.  Blessing and honor, thanksgiving and praise always as we go before Him….. even in the midst of all this He is blessing.

  2. Thank you darling precious heart for sharing the Father’s words to me.
    I love how he is blessing you for his people. I love you Abba Daddy, you are so so good. Amen !

  3. Hello, and Blessings, my Sister in Christ, I had been following your messages a couple of years now on this site and following the leading of the Spirit, yours magnified. I would like to thank you today and pray blessings. Keep on Keeping on, Come, Lord Jesus, Come……………………
    Susan C.

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