It’s Time to Advance in Victory!

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In Christ You Are “A Giant Killer”

While praying for you all today, I heard Him call you, “Mighty warrior, supernatural contender in a land of many giants!”

In this hour, I see God’s mighty contenders advancing with greater acceleration and momentum across a land filled with many giants.  These are his fearless brave hearts filled and fuelled with a fresh fire of heaven, sons and daughters who have been entrusted with a greater anointing and greater authority to take back ground and occupy new territory.

I Decree:   You shall not be overtaken, overwhelmed or overcome by the forces of darkness, divination and witchcraft that are now warring against your breakthrough and victory.

I declare:   There is now a new level and greater dimension of supernatural power, persistence and perseverance being released to you who have been faithful in watching, waiting, willing and fully surrendered to the purposes of our God.

Listen!  This land belongs to the warriors of light and liberty, we will not be moved out of our promised land by the pains and great pressures that surround us.

Our hearts are still because we know the power of our God, fear has no place here!  For the Spirit of the LORD has empowered, enabled and equipped us to arise and advance to pursue, overtake and recover all in this season.

In Christ you are “A giant killer”

It’s Time to Advance in Victory!

I hear the Holy Spirit say, “Daughter, tell My people, just as My Spirit of light, life and peace is moving suddenly, quickly and in an unprecedented way upon the earth, in this hour, so the spirit of darkness, death and fear is moving suddenly, quickly and in an unprecedented way upon the earth.

Tell My people to stay alert, to stay vigilant and to stay in time.”

God showed me that the spirit of fear has been unleashed upon the earth.  2017 will be a year where some of the greatest terror attacks will take place.

I saw that new forms of evil will emerge.  Satan will use social media in an unprecedented way to try to further his grip and control over the hearts and minds of the weak and vulnerable.

God showed me that the angel of light is moving subtlety and quickly in the earth in this hour.  I saw many who are being drawn to the path of destruction, like moths to a flame.  Satan has unleashed his most powerful demons in the earth, and one of his ultimate agendas in this hour is to divide and conquer through hatred, fear and lies.

There is a counterfeit spirit, or a spirit of deception, that has joined hands/ forces with a spirit of distortion and divination in this season, that will try to derail and destroy the destiny of many that are living in complacency, comprise and passivity.

My friends, these things are only hard to hear if we are not rightly positioned and adequately prepared through prayer and intimacy with our God.

The truth will set us free and keep us from falling into the pit that has been prepared by the enemy.

God in his unfailing mercy and unconditional love is revealing the hand of the enemy in this hour, that we may arise in greater power and Kingdom Authority to take what is rightfully ours by inheritance.

It is crucial in this time of conflict and confrontation that we learn how to partner with our God in a new way, the blood of the lamb and the power of our testimony must be the weapons of our warfare if we are to overcome and overthrow the powers and principalities of darkness, that are now increasing upon the earth.

In this hour, do not lulled into a false sense of security and safety by words that tickle your ears, by half truths that take your fancy.  Satan is counting on the power of our tongues and the power of our agreement to further carry out his plans and purposes on the earth.

Let us be awakened and aligned unto true Kingdom purpose, identity and authority in this hour.

It’s time to advance in victory!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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It’s Time to Advance in Victory! — 3 Comments

  1. I had a dream recently, and I was in an attack and I saw two pitch forks in the attack.  I was not able to fully think clearly, and was being deceived.  There was a part of me that knew to call on the blood of Jesus Christ.  So, though my words were weak in strength of volume, I kept saying I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ, I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ and slowly I was then able to step out of the attic.

  2. Woman of God, my ministry and have have been under serious attacks since 2010. We have lost all of our ministry. 156 orphans we had on our mission have left due to financial support. Our ministry’s 72.76 acres of land been illegally occupied by squatters and the case is now at the Supreme Court of Liberia. Are we going to win the case and get our land back? Will God have mercy on us and give another partners and supporters? If so, how and when?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Rev. Matthew Targen Sakeuh
    Founder and President
    New Beginning Evangelical Global Outreach Ministries Inc.
    (765) 810 4048

  3. Keep moving keep believing keep standing tall in the Word the blood of Christ breaks every demonic tactic yoke of bondage, fear and hopelessness. This prophetic word revealed the incoming, upcoming and down coming of the human spirit and hidden agendas of the enemy. BE PREPARED