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Jack-o-Lanterns and History Revealed! — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you, Joyce.  This is such good information for all to read.  It grieves me to see all the Halloween decorations in my neighborhood because I know that the kingdom of darkness is real but Jesus Christ has overcome it!  I pray that more and more Christians discover the history behind this evil holiday and forsake it.  God bless you abundantly!

    • Thank you Alison for your response and I agree! Sometimes people don’t truly understand and just need to be enlightened. That is my prayer also. Hugs and God bless.

  2. Good for you posting this! It’s hard to understand why Christians still want to be involved in this wicked celebration. It’s time to put off the works of darkness! I feel drawn to the fall feasts that the Lord gave to the children of Israel! As God’s children, these are our alternatives!! Let’s study God’s feasts and in some way celebrate them, instead of all these pagan holidays that God hates!!!

  3. My church used to do trunk or treat.  Now we do have a fall festival on a different day, during daylight hours that celebrates the community and season, giving God thanks for His blessings.  I am loving seeing the Spirit take greater and greater control over His Bride!  Praise Him!

    • Thank you for your response rsg. That is great to know that it is on another day. Also if Halloween is not in their theme at all! Sounds like God has really dealt with your church. Hugs and blessings.

  4. @ Kathleen Blessings in our Lord. Thank you so much! As I am going by old posts today, trying to update some comments I missed. It was sure not intentional.

  5. I hate Halloween.  I’ve never celebrated it and never will.  I don’t understand how any Christian is unable to feel the evil in the very atmosphere on that day.

    • @ Carol Randall True as I hate the holiday, too. Still many just need their eyes open, that it is not innocent!
      Many truly just do not see. Hope many will take the warnings. God bless you.

      • P. S. Yeh, the Children often don’t know any better – but it’s disappointing when the retired Folks celebrate like one of them.  sometimes all we can do is Pray and Thank the Lord for His Patience and Mercy.

  6. @ Kathreen Thank you so much! This message sure isn’t popular, even often times in the church world! We plead the blood of Jesus over you; all these little children, our homes, family and loved ones!! God bless you.

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