Jesus I Know and Paul I Know


“Jesus I Know and Paul I Know”…..  But who are you?

Our true power level, depends on just how full we are of the Holy Ghost.  If certain manifestations of unwanted spirits are going to reappear as they once did among us, there is a call to caution.

In fact, it might be a good idea that many of us take another look at a certain priest named Sceva, and his seven sons.  There were certain exorcists in the Ephesus area, who also were using the name of Jesus Christ.

Some will stand before the Lord on that Day, and tell of how they had cast out devils in His name.  He will say, He never knew them,  (Matthew 7:23).  This event was included in the work of the New Testament Church, for a good reason.

Have you ever seen a demon come out of one person, and go into another?  We who are now becoming the elders, need to get our heads together and rehearse each other about some of those things we encountered.

There is no need of any of us trying to bury our heads in the sand; you have a work, yet to be done.  No doubt.

There are false spirits at work, even on this social network.  One reason so many of us need to return to exercising our senses and using them, is right before us.

It seems pressing to stop and think about something.  There is a spirit, or even more than one, that is trying to make us feel that things are not really as bad as some are saying.  That all of this huffing and puffing, is for nothing.

What has been foretold lately, has not happened yet . Things still appear the norm, as usual; even though we know very well, that they are not.

It might be, that a lot of people those who actually know better, are in some kind of spiritual denial.  It’s one way that you can determine that the depth of the Word, is not going forward.  If we are genuinely following the Spirit, we are actually being led back to the Book, and our eyes and understanding are being opened, and enlightened.

Did Jesus not say, that those things we had been taught, would be brought back to us?  No man, no group, can stop the Holy Ghost from coming to you.  The Spirit, is urging us, to stir ourselves today.

No one should have to tell us, that if we have not been praying as we should, studying His Word as we should, and returning to fasting as we once knew it, we don’t have enough power.

May I share an event that happened lately to me?  It’s not necessary to go into any lengthy detail, but I had become quite depressed.  Something that I had truly needed medically and had looked forward too, was set back.  I really felt very down.  It was heavy, and it just wouldn’t lift.

I learned that if you have something to really be depressed about, be depressed.  Just don’t stay there too long.  I was so weighted down, it was becoming critical.

One day, a voice spoke to me and said, “This may not be what you think it is.”  I heard that twice.  And that same voice came again, “It’s oppression.”

The enemy had taken advantage of my hurt, and kicked me when I was down.  I had forgotten.  Immediately, I remembered to pray in the Spirit.  It left.

If you are truly full of the Spirit, after a few words some speak here, you can already tell, it’s not the Holy Ghost.

You can tell by the way they say it.  It does not sound right; and it’s not right.  You then know, not to even entertain, what these people are saying.

Those men in this New Testament story got hurt and wounded badly, by trying to use a power they did not have.   It was the man himself that jumped on them; the evil spirits in him did that.

Any spiritual action we may set out to do, must be done in the power and demonstration, of the Holy Ghost.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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