Jesus’ Love Letter

I was praying early this morning and the Lord said I WANT TO SEND ALL MY PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME A LOVE LETTER FROM ME.  I took the pencil and said..  OK.   Than I wrote down the following as I heard him speak it:

I am here.  Yes I Am.  Here to bless you and help you.  You are Very Dear to me and I love you with a Love the world does not even imagine exists.   There is no boundaries to my love for you, because it can not be totally defined.  It is beyond your dreams because you must know that I am never going to ever Change, no not in an nth degree.  I will Forever Love you and I will loose none of you for any reason.  I can not change my Love for you for have I not said, I CHANGE NOT?  It is hard for you to realize my total Love because you do not fully understand my total Self.  To you everything has a beginning but… I DID NOT BEGIN.  Also I WILL NEVER END.  So please tell me do you understand just how or Who I Am?  Just know me and see, I AM THAT I AM.  To change me you must change Everything in the Universe first because these things consist by me.  To get to me you would have to destroy all I have done.  You do not yet even know the entirety of the Universe you see.  But I am beyond that which you see.  I have created it all for you to share with me.

Men still do not understand that there is no greater One than ME.  So since I Am Greater how can any one or thing Change ME?

I Love you with an Everlasting Love.  Do you know how long Everlasting is?  Yes, It has no end.  I have set you up in my Eternal Dream to be Mine.  I Loved you and Choose YOU before you were born , so you must understand, I do not Love you because of what you do; I love you because of YOU.  I just Want YOU!

How then can this Love End?  I myself can never end.  So make your mind up and say, It is settled, God Loves me and always will.

Now I will talk again about how I love you.  I have love for you that you do not fully understand; earthly definitions can never even describe.  My Love does not love because of any thing you are or did, NO, I just Love you.  I see you and I see all I every wanted.  Just to have you.

The enemy wants to hurt you and make you see me in a wrong way.  He tells you I am not really Love but really I am bad;  Always judging and always looking for something wrong in you.  He says I am like a man carrying a big stick to strike you.  The enemy wants to cloud your view, yes the clear view of Me.  He wants to forever keep you thinking I could yet turn against you.  This is the way he works to make you feel unsafe and condemned; telling you that I will never be satisfied with you.  He does not fully see that I have gone past his limits; I have Loved before you loved and it depends on me.

You are objects of my Eternal  Desire and I will NEVER EVER CHANGE.  I did fully, also, SECURE you by my BLOOD.  Any wrong you have done is UNDER MY BLOOD.  As far as those things which you did; they are totally gone.  I can never even see them.  I CAST THEM BEHIND MY BACK INTO THE DEEPEST SEA.  No!  I will never go to see them; those terrible things.  I FORGOT THEM.

I LOVE YOU.  That means more than the very words can say.  It Transcends all understanding and cannot be written.


[***Note: He told me to put his name on the bottom.  His name he wanted there is JESUS.]


Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.



Jesus’ Love Letter — 5 Comments

  1. wow… thanks Jesus!  I love you right back…
    and thank you Pastor Ken for being obedient to write it down and deliver it to me.  i was feeling kinda forgotten and unloved last night, so this was perfect timing.

  2. Thank you Lord for your prompt love response to me. Tears of appreciation are falling down my cheek, how great thou art o Lord. Thank you for your prophets Lord.Bless your children Lord, save us with your grace.Thank you Lor
    Beautiful and uplifting love letter from the Lord, indeed.Thank you Prophet Ken.

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