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“Just Wait! Wait On Me!” says The LORD! — 3 Comments

  1. Do you know of any Spirit-filled churches in South FL, Broward County that are telling people the truth, the whole truth and sharing the BIBLE and the prophetic?

    Please let me know.  I am praying about moving my cats and I out of South FL soon.  I’m waiting on GOD to show me where exactly. 

    There are people who are trying to scare me and stop me from leaving. They are not GOD!! 

    I will go where the Father God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost tell me to go.  They are my bosses!! 


    Thank you. 


    Monique Alderman

  2. Those are great words but how can you possibly explain them to someone who has lost a loved one to suicide? Does that mean God failed to complete His purpose for their life or was that heir purpose? Words are just that, without action they are empty and hallow.

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