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Keep Hope and Trust in the Lord! — 2 Comments

  1. Your love never fails. It never gives up on me! Why should my love be any different? What hurts the most? Avoid that at all costs. We are one. What you do unto yourself does affect others. Oh how I love. This is true. Not one of few. Only you. What’s done is done. Today is new. My heart made to stir. Though it seems like a blur. One stroke of the fur. Love you like a kitties purr. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Whats in the past leaves me no room for sorrow. Proclaimed your works and you perform. The word once spoken now is born. Ready God. We are ready God. As you are ! That wish upon a shooting star, a prayer heard both here and there. To be like you in truth its dare. Near to our hearts you’re never far. How you love us just the way we are

  2. I give God all the glory for you life sister Delisa. This is powerful and beautiful my beloved.Thank you so much for being a blessing in our generation. God bless you!

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