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Keep Throwing Out Handfuls of Purpose — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, it is indeed time to ‘be about the Father’s business’ however that looks individually and truly corporately for the hour is late and so many who are ‘closed in’are crying out for someone to bring a Kind word or send a Kind embrace of the Father’s love. Thanks for sharing, Joyce. My prayers and love go with you as you obey the urgent call. Sending hugs and so much love, Sandi

    • Sandi I only now just saw your comment. I’m so sorry. Yes many are crying out for someone to bring a kind word or a kind embrace of Papas love! Very true words spoken. Much love sis.

  2. Shared on Twitter and FB. Not sure if visible on FB since I seem to stay in hot water with those folks. Great story/scenario stating beautiful TRUTH! 

    BLESSINGS in your Service to our KING!

    • Betty, Im sorry, as only saw your comment, too. I miss you sis.
      Thank you for sharing the article. I can’t even get on FB after I was spammed. Well to be honest, I could make another account, but dont feel to. One day all this hard stuff will be over and we will rejoice forever on the other side. Hugs

  3. Thank you Lord for the confirmation! In yesterday’ reading of the daily devotional I use, we were told to live up to good names (i.e do the right thing whether male or female) that will speak for us even after we are gone. We should also pray against deceiver/serpent who deceived Eve in Genesis 3.

    We were referred to Mathew 1:6-11 (Each Genealogy was fourteen) but I was led to read after verse 11. While reading it, I was praying for good & great family lineage (siblings, our born & unborn kids/grandkids etc) to be blessed by God to impact their generations by doing what God expects of us! Then the Lord gave you the same words Mama. Remain blessed.

    • Thank you Adams for the confirmation and glad it fit with your daily devotions etc.
      Keep ploughing in fertile ground, son. We have to remember always that we will reap if we faint not. God is faithful to reward His children with rich blessings. God bless.

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