Know This, Your Trials are Temporary!


I AM taking you quickly step by step upwards/ and onward.  Come up higher!  In a moment, you My sons and daughters, came to a standstill and it did not feel right for you.  I AM refilling and I AM re-fueling you for the future filling with the Holy Spirit and Fire of the Holy Spirit.

I AM filling you with the Oil of Joy and Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness has been upon you.  There is much to do.  There have been many arrows, darts and weapons thrown your way.  Each one hurt but I have given you Grace to get through it all.  That which has happened took you back a bit, knocked you down for a moment, it is truly only be for a moment.

Place all your trust in Me.  I AM giving you a double portion of stamina to continue to stand with your loins girded about with truth and a double portion of the anointing.  Do not second guess your steps or your anointing.  The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, and His anointing is your portion.

Do not look around and wonder if you are in the place I have called you to be.  You, My sons and daughters, you are standing where I have ordered your steps.

It seems as if these are small beginnings.  I AM positioning you for much more, new doors to open, pouring into you double portions of all that I have promised you.  My children, you have stepped out when others would not and you were wounded at times for your steps of faith.  Keep opening your mouth and I will keep filling it with My words.  My words will never return to Me void as they are released from your mouth, they will do what they are intended to do, for the Kingdoms sake.

I have called you to a place of total consecration, totally surrendering all that you are or even hope to be to Me, full surrender is what I want, I want nothing less.  Be the ones that will do what I ask when no one else seems to have time or wants to surrender their all.  You have been good stewards of time and of seeking My will, and of all that I have asked you to do. You are ones who have come after Me with your whole heart, nothing wavering.

There will be many who will not befriend and even unfriend you, because of the anointing upon your life.  My own Son took three disciples up the mountain, the others were not invited.  You I have invited.  You I have chosen to be My mouthpiece in his world.

I AM taking you to the top of the Mountain, if you will go.  But even at that, you must walk close to Me.  There are many that would desire to put you aside and even to put you in a pit, to even silence your voice.  I have given each of you a voice and you will not be silenced. I will not allow you to be silenced says the Lord.

The enemy goes around looking for those that he may devour.  You My children, have a discernment that sees your enemy afar off.  You hear the roar afar off and I have given you the ability to protect My sheep.  I have given you the ability to feed My sheep.  You are ones who will minister the word of life to those who need to hear whether it be just one sheep or one million sheep.

I told Peter, “Feed My Lambs, Feed My Sheep”.  I have called you to those who are lost, needy, weak and wobbly, weary and worn, those who do not know Me, and those who are torn…..  those that many others have left behind, many bruised and broken.  Just keep going forward.  There is much we will yet do.

We are one.  Come and follow in the way that I lead you.  You will know the great love, the Father has for you, as that same love dwells in you.  I have poured into you as you have been able to contain it.

I have given you stamina and strength, and the perseverance for you to say, “I will never give up and I will never quit.  I will forever follow the Lord.”  I see your hearts and no matter what comes your way, you My own, have determined to follow the destiny I have called you to.  You know that it is by My Grace only that you will never fall and that you will never give up.

Arise and shine!  Do not let temporary trials disturb you one bit, nor even allow your countenance to be brought low.  I have filled you with My Spirit to overflowing and spilling over to others, rejoice in all things.

Amen and Amen.


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



Know This, Your Trials are Temporary! — 1 Comment

  1. “My own Son took three disciples up the mountain, the others were not invited.”
    Today your words are a great confirmation to me.
    For weeks the song (sung by Dolly Parton) ‘The Ballad of Green Beret’ have rung in my ears as a kind of call from the Lord about
    that one, as specially trained soldiers whom will go with Him into the dark places and ready to die for the Lord will pull down satan’s strongholds, and also walk in the high Holy places.
    God Bless you sister Gail and may you be one of these “Jehova’s Best”!

    “One hundred men will test today,
    but only three to the green beret”

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