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Let Freedom Ring — 2 Comments

  1. It is a very sad day indeed when there is a necessity for an article like this. The flag is a symbol of identity for any country. Pledging allegiance to one’s country is not worshipping it but making a commitment to it. The flag can be equated to a wedding ring, it is a symbol the wearer identifies as committed to someone. kissing one’s ring is a sign they cherise the person they are committed to not that they worship them. The demonic spell is so deep when a people despise their heritage. God save the United States of America.

  2. I understand the spirit in which this was written however, an idol does not have to ONLY be a statue or deity/image of a deity. An idol can be anything that comes before God in your heart. We can idolize our children, our spouses, homes, celebrities,etc. If that symbol becomes something that we give the kind of homage that should only be reserved for God, that’s idol worship. We should absolutely feel privileged to live in this country, but our flag is a symbol that many people (brothers & sisters in Christ included) worship and for that, we should be repenting. Nothing comes before God, including our flag.


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