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Let Go, MY Child! — 2 Comments

  1. Powerful insight and encouragement.
    Very powerful, dear sister. Thank you for your labor and love.
    As for me I can say: These hard battles are not in the mind or a sickness. The tormentors increased their cruel game and war on me. Hitler’s symbols on the ways painted in front of the house, workplaces and other ugly provocations. They want to drive their victims sick and into suicide or insanity, and they manipulated so many many people to avoid me or to gossip against me. The past weekend was one attack after another. “They” are many, and they are not in my head or my mind. They are real people who plan and do worst gang stalking. Thank you for your prayers. I know, the LORD knows this all. Their punishment will be a hard awakening. The LORD tells me more and more how hard He will judge them. Since long time they try to bring my son against me. Almost all my dignity they have ruined. I thank you from my heart for all your comforts and encouragements.

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