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  1. Sandi. I too noted your kind responses to people. Our of the abundance of the heart we do speak. The Prov. 31 woman had a kind tongue. My Mom who went to be with Jesus last year was a very kind woman. She so loved people unconditionally not ever thinking of herself but always about others. So many live without kindness and those that are unkind we must pray for, forgive and bless. Thank you for your kind word it touches the heart.

    • Patricia, Thank you for sharing about your mom..it is always so evident when someone loves unconditionally that the are full of His lovingkindness. I am grateful for you heart touching compliment to me as well. I love when HE touches a heart that it leads to that one touching another’s heart. Beloved, we need each other. Bless you! Sandi

  2. We were lucky to have Cory as our worship leader at Radiant Church,here in Richland Michigan.His love for the Father is really felt in the house.

    • Thank you John for your special input. Yes, I feel HIS reckless love flowing through Cory as well and it is such a comfort to feel the words come to life with the powerful anointing on the yielded vessel. Blessing to you, Sandi

  3. One thing to keep in mind is that some people see kindness as weakness and prey upon those people who are kind. Ask God for wisdom and protection from these people but of course don’t let that stop you from being kind! Good post, Sandi!

    • Staci, Amen and thank you for your wisdom. I am grateful for the availability of His wisdom to keep us responding in the opposite spirit to those who have not yet come into the understanding of not what kindness is but who it is! Blessings to you, Sandi

  4. I always look forward to your posts Sandi, and this one does not disappoint! Your words of wisdom and direction never fail to reflect the Father’s heart. Looking forward to your book coming out! I feel led to say this: looking forward to the praise report when your health issues have been healed in Jesus name! hugs

    • I am forever grateful Vicki for your kind comment and even more humbled to hold His pen in my hand to release His heart as His as shown me daily..it has been a lifelong experience from being delivered from foolishness bound in my heart as a child to be able to drink the cup of wisdom one day at a time. Thank you so very much for your encouragement as I press onto to finish my race to complete the book and yes, I am being healed slowly with so much grace and goodness. I covet your prayers and send you hugs this morning, Sandi

  5. Words are containers. What are your containers pouring out on others?  Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I am very grateful for His mercy- that each day is a new beginning, a new chance to love.

  6. About an hour before you posted this, I was praying to the Lord about people not being very kind and how it breaks my heart! I can see the new strategy I should be using. Thank you.

    • That is simply amazing and so confirming to me Rl. I too have been so dismayed at the lack of kindness in the present time. So glad it was helpful to you. Be blessed as your heart flows with kindness, Sandi

  7. Sandi, your kindness has not gone unnoticed! I read every comment on Kingdom Prophecy and I was just wondering this very last week, if I would one day get to meet you in heaven as you always go above and beyond answering people in your comment section. And you answer them very specifically with such thoughtfulness. It is very appreciated and I just love this about you. You are truly reflecting God’s love. Thank you

    • Dear Darla, What a heartwarming comment. I so appreciate your encouragement. As I have struggled with many health issues,computer and technical issues as I endeavor to finish my book on the heart, you will never know how much I needed an honest kind word. I so appreciate the many comments I get and I am blessed to be able to engage with those who comment.To be honest, I have to give a shout out to Angus and Jill for all their kindness and helpful encouragement. It is a joy to work with HKP. This hour of massive changes have impacted everyone in some way and we need each other. God bless your beautiful heart that flows with His lovingkindness, Sandi

    • You are so welome, Rl. Morning by morning, I am reminded of His lovingkindness by people just like you that have grateful hearts and that is part of paying it forward, my friend. Bless your day, Sandi

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