Let The Prophets Speak


I often wonder why we only skirted around certain issues.  Just how could we adopt parts of some of God’s word, but yet, leave the rest out?  How could we seem to be so informed about some things, and know very little about others?  I think I know some good reasons for that; it won’t matter to many and it is certainly deemed passé to others.

It’s about the place of teachers; how they were originally ordained by God, and how they have been dis-ordained by so many who are only following men.

I will always remember my very first pastor.  To this day, I am forever grateful for what my young eyes saw, and what my ears heard.  He was an eloquent gentleman; a quite credible speaker, and superbly well liked by his peers and the people he was given to shepherd.  But, he did not teach the Sunday School lesson.  I won’t mention names, but even now, I can clearly see who did.  And why was that?  Because among his flock, there was an elderly woman who was called of God to teach.  He appointed her to do, what God had chosen and anointed her to do.  The church grew.

There is no way we are going to escape what has happened in so many of our fellowships today.  On whose authority, does any man choose to change what was clearly written and established by the hand of God?  We can claim to be so much like the apostles if we want; but the Apostle Paul, wrote, “Let the prophets speak,” (1 Corinthians 14:29).  We took lots of time to refer to the verses that talk about tongues and interpretation of tongues, but began to gradually shy away from the rest of what he wrote by the Spirit.  Take some; leave the rest.

It must be said, if those who were called and anointed to fulfill the positions God had called them for, had been fully released, there would not be so much fear among us.

Many of those in leadership and those comfortable in the pew, wouldn’t dare to operate in their own ideas or to sit back and allow any of the such.  And we wonder why so many did not grow, or reach the full potential in the Spirit that we were admonished to do, by the very writers we say we now believe in and follow to the letter.  We’d know not to quench the Spirit in the real ones, because of fear of the truly false ones.

We cannot profess to hold on to our doctrine, when so much of it has been changed or altered.  We’re not talking about rules and regulations of men here; it’s about what God ordained and set in the Church.  Anointed voices, that have been constrained and often dismissed all together.

What many do not fully grasp now, is that the Spirit is speaking forth among the prophets and sending them out to speak what the Spirit wants to say to the church.  It is, Christ’s very own words.  And it truly is, His church.  He’s looking for ears; those who want to hear what He has for His people right now.

The Spirit does not have to wait on us.  That’s a poor dysfunction of much of our thinking today.  He is raising up those who are willing to follow Him expressly; and without all of this awful denial.

If we let the Spirit move, and let those speak who are moved only by the Spirit, we quickly weed out those who are impostors.  We need to let those truly called, to teach the Word and use what the Holy Ghost has gifted them with.

There are ears, and they are listening.  In this hour, let them do and believe, what they are hearing today.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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