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Let Us Weep Between the Porch and the Altar — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you Adams and Sandi for your thought out spirit filled words here in comments.
    Also Adams I thank you for allowing me to direct quote you in the article here.
    May the Lord guide lead and protect your family in Africa there.
    We plead the blood of Jesus over each of you.
    Also we plead the blood of Jesus over this whole website, and all who come on here to comment.
    Sandi I love you sister and stand with you. You are a blessing.

    • Mama, thanks for using the comments. All honor be to our God & not unto me please. Thanks for praying for me & my entire family in Africa. My family & I say Amen to your prayers; also appreciate your thoughtfulness Mama. God will build a hedge of protection with His precious blood over you, family, ministry & all that concerns you in this evil times. He will be a wall of fire over you & your family. Father, forgive us all our sins in America! We cry out for Mercy!. Father, turn our hearts back to you again. Let your revival fire falls on us in America.

  2. The prophetic words exposes Sin as a destructive satanic weapon that brings guilt, regret, hurts, God’s judgement & shame on both individual & nation if not confessed, genuinely repented of & forsaken! The questions asked are like mirrors placed before each an everyone one of us which shows each person’s true facial image without mixup! They are so convicting! True repentance is no lips service & not easily achieved by our own wisdom & strength but by the power of the Holy spirit of God! This is why we need the Grace of God through the Holy spirit to truly help us repent of every sins, remove the weights; consequences & deliver us from all temptations to go back to them. 
    Holy spirit, please guide, close every satanic loopholes of sins in our life & help our weaknesses always in Jesus name Amen. Thanks for sharing Mama Joyce. Remain blessed

  3. Joyce…so much to ponder here..divisions, I have been hearing all day ‘my people don’t understand the depth of the need for repentance. Will go back and read again. You don’t hear much in church today about ‘between the porch and the altar’. Selah. Love you dear lady, Sandi

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