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Letter to a Husband — 5 Comments

  1. Let me know when the bias and Utopian idealistic idea leaves, Ron. Fixed the last sentence for you:

    “The ‘Wife’ has nothing to do or say about the husband’s part until Her part is in order, God’s order.”

  2. THANK YOU for your clear instruction on this matter, in keeping with the Biblical role model for this relationship.  You have greatly encouraged me.  I am married to a narcissistic husband who has fallen far from the Lord and is continuously telling “me” where I have failed and how terrible a person I am.  Yes, a wife would have no problem whatsoever following a godly husband, just as the Bride follows Christ!  The relationship would flow naturally with both partners fulfilling their own individual roles as well as their corporate role as a team.  However, when this criteria is not met, a godly wife has to make a choice between following her Lord or her husband.  A narcissistic husband is centered around himself and what he can get from the relationship. Not so with the Lord!

    • The question is what do you consider following God? Abraham slept with his maid, and lied about wife. Would you consider that following God? Yet is says he did. Assuming you can handle criticism, and your not truly terrible or have a religious spirit here are some quotes to lift your spirit.

      “When the wrong people leave, wrong things stop happening.”
      “I gave the wrong people the right pieces of me”
      “A Truly Respected Husband, Rarely Disrespects his Wife” (even Jesus requires respect and repentance or your not allowed into heaven. Matt 10:33)

      btw: “make a choice between following her Lord or her husband” is not in the bible. You have been seduced by the modern, hollywood, self-righteous era.

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