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Leviathan and Divination — 6 Comments

  1. WOW…OMGOODNESS…I saw the VISION evil in the air …BREATHE and high to those that smoke weed, marijuana and cocaine. These are the elements …the kingdom of darkness…God’s wrath and judgement is RELEASE.

  2. Sister Robin, this is an excellent, TRUE word from the Lord. As I see divination and iniquity operating in the world, at the same time I must examine my own heart.

  3. Oh my dear sister !I agree 100% as I saw a thin long green snake on 4th morning too here In India in my dream and was wondering the significance ..Usuallly when I see snakes I get myself ready to face trouble .But I like the significance you have highlighted here ..I’m on page with you and what the lord is Revealing to the saints .

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