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Leviathan, Divination and the Slanderer! — 4 Comments

  1. Had experience this week eith exactly same spirits but God gave me what to say which dissipated the argument
    Trying to be brought. Thanks for sharing.
    Think it’s also for all yhat’s going on in the nation too
    Such an important teaching for now!! Blesdings n hugs Robin!

  2. The evildoers do everything to traumatize true believers. Snakes, dead animals on the roads and sidewalks. Sticks, strings, stones, and always handkerchiefs on places where usually never people would throw their trash. They practice witchcraft and curses. Hair on private things, hairbonds everywhere, parts of oranges as well. They drive over fruits and place the smashed tomatoes, grapefruits and pieces of oranges around every place I go. They know where we are and when. It is really insane how much time and money some have to torture others. Sister, I have much compassion and love for you. Stay strong.

  3. I thank you!! God is mightily with you!! I have gleaned much off your prophetic understanding and words of knowledge. I have gone through much this year… Betrayal, loss and torment, subject to the attacks have come like a torrent…trauma with a capital T! I know I am not alone and praise the Almighty for getting me through. I have felt the intensity of push back at every turn, as even Christians surrounding me cannot fathom how I’m even standing. Only Jesus! May our Rock keep us firm in His Truth to keep our eyes and ears open, His Faithfulness keep us and His Love to guide us…as His Unending Love is the the key to everything. God bless you!! Thank you for your obedience to share!!

    • God is mightly with you, dear sister. I also was asked how I survived all the most worse TI attacks. I responded: Only with the Holy Bible, only with GOD’s Words and help and through prayers. Own prayers AND prayers of brothers and sisters. Our good LORD hears, He has sent intercessors, both – human and supernatural.

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