Listen, the War has Started!

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Seeking Lasting Spiritual Change

Until they call for the Apostles and Prophets, there will not be any lasting spiritual change!

Regardless of how much people hate it and fight against it, God has established order and a chain of command!

Some of you don’t understand that the mind of Christ is not being produced nor presented through many of these so called voices that are going forth.  Yes, and some of the Apostles and Prophets are getting ready to be summons to the governmental offices by governmental officials, because they are seeking real answers to the chaos in the world.

And get this: it won’t be these want-to-be-seen persons who don’t have a true solution to the problem from the council of God.  It won’t be a motivational speaker who will answer from a politically correct perspective.  But these will be voices that have labored in the presence of ELOHIM and have been brought into the boardroom of heaven and heard directly from the Godhead!

There is a season of reform that shall come forth, so that souls will be brought into the Kingdom before things begin to truly unfold and bring in greater confusion chaos and destruction.

Apostles and Prophets who have been hidden, but have been getting prepared, you about to come forth now!

Get ready!  You will see more politicians calling for solutions from the real men and women of God, because God’s agenda is going forth now in a great way!

Listen, the War has Started!

I will say this in all humility, but some of these “too deep” people, are going to get us spiritually killed.

Let me say this.  We use certain sayings as a cop-out to actually doing things.

I keep hearing people tell me that it’s time to pray and my words to them is, I HAVE BEEN PRAYING!

I have already gone before the Father.  Now I have received my instructions directions and strategies and I’m called to action and to carry out His plan!

Those who need to pray now, because you haven’t been praying, you go ahead, but it’s some of us who have never ceased to pray and we have already seen the trouble in the land.  So we are already being deployed to our assignments, because He prepared us beforehand spiritual for the battles now taking place.

We don’t have to get ready.  We been prepared for these things now taking place in the earth.

When the trouble hits, it is certainly not the time to start training for a battle that has already started.

The only persons caught off guard about the events happening now, are those that were not fasting, not praying, not seeking God, weren’t preparing, weren’t listening, weren’t seeing, weren’t alert.

Listen, the war has started and we are already being pulled, commanded and instructed, to go forth.

Leaders are now crying for prayer, crying for a shut in, because they are not equipped to cover the sheep.  You were suppose to learn how to kill the wolf before it attacked the sheep.

And also some of you that are saying you don’t need teaching, training or directions, did you stop saying you are like David?  Because God was teaching preparing and equipping David before he fought Goliath in the battle.

He had slayed a lion and bear with his bare hands.  Contrary to what they preach, David knew he was capable as a warrior because he already had encounters with something bigger and more vicious than him.

People, stop following people in battle when you have seen them continually get wounded and hurt on the battlefield!  Before you fight, make sure you have the spiritual legal right to go forth in battle!

Don’t Become Spiritually Dull to the Demonic!

We are giving responsibilities to those who are incapable of handling high level warfare.

The Spirit of The LORD spoke to me that right now the satanist witches and warlocks are banding together because the church is vulnerable to great deception, because of the division.

They will be able to masquerade as Christian leadership because the people are hungry for relief and solution.  They will perform great miracles and use a form of the prophetic to entice the people and then implement their true motives after they have gain the trust of the people.

Church, don’t become spiritually dull to the demonic activity that is occurring.

The Spirit of The LORD has increased the discernment of the warriors and they have been seeing with eagle eye precision.  If you are not keen in your eyesight and hearing spiritually you will be deceived by gifts and miracles in this hour.

We can’t allow those that are not able to operate in warfare deliverance to take us into battle.  This fight is intense serious and destructive we have to know that we are connecting as well as positioning the right people in order to win the battle.

We need skilled warriors to come forth and bring us to victory!

Prophets and Prophecies

Prophets throughout the bible, when God had a word for an individual or a nation, it was precise and had instructions, directions and clearly what God wanted and how He wanted it done.

He gave Noah specific instructions for the ark, Moses exact instructions for the tabernacle and the priestly garments, David exact instructions concerning the finances and materials for the house He wanted built for His habitation.

He told Joshua exactly how to bring down the walls of Jericho.  He gave specific instructions how to kill Jezebel and Ahab.  He spoke to the 120 people to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Ghost.

Prophecy carries the mind, will and thoughts of God and are done without any confusion.

Sometimes we release a word too early, when God is not finish downloading all that pertains to it.  We pray and hear. but have not learned to wait.

There have been times when God had me wait for days before releasing a prophetic word and each day He added to the word with instructions.

We need wisdom in the prophetic and some true season Prophets to really get a burden for those who are called to the office, or have the gift of prophecy, so that the errors can be identified to them, so that they won’t cause more a mess than we already have, concerning Prophets and prophecies!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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