Living Above the Snake Line — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for this timely word, I woke up feeling angry and bitter from unkind accusations but God send me this word to Resist the Devil and put on the Armour of turth, blessings in Jesus Christ

  2. Excellent word, Thank you for sharing.
    The High Calling of God In Christ Jesus;
    Eagle Saints are Victorious Kingdom Predators.
    The best defense,is always a good offense.
    What came to mind is just where most eagles reside, often living at higher elevations im the heights of the heavens, preying upon, devouring the serpents below.
    I highly recommend,_
    Eagle Saints Arise.” by Bill Britton
    And “Prophet on Wheels” his autobiography, to know this man truly was a prophet indeed, given a larger revelation of just where Father wants to bring us in that revelation of “Christ in you,our hope of glory.” through Jesus “The Pattern Son.
    Grace and Peace, War Eagle

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