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  1. Thank you.
    I have a problem lately…past two weeks…of feeling as if I can do nothing to have God working for me and helping me to get out of the current circumstances, like it would not help to hope or have faith or pray or etc for God is God and He will so what He wants to and I will just ve to trust Him and wait and honor Him and revere Him as God. So now I ve difficulty to trust that I heard Him since I heard Him say that we will move and change is coming. Now it seems as if He is saying no, I will be with you through this diff place and you ll just ve to press through…but as i try to trust and honor Him and accept it…i keep getting frustrated in being here…and i now struggle to have confidence in hearing Him and believing His promises He gave.

    • Dear Johanna,
      That is what testing is all about – growing us, growing our ability to rely and trust in The Lord :)
      Do not listen to the lies of the enemy that it is a waste of time or too hard for you – instead, seek to learn from it as an exercise.
      Blessings in Christ,

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