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LORD, Where is My Harvest? — 7 Comments

  1. A much needed cup of water to many of us who are in a dry and barren land. A comfort to those that are weary.  Hoping soon that our tears will reap with joyful singing.

  2. Its not that we dont believe it. Its that we know our time is limited. If we lived 600 years nobody is complaining about a harvest. Our lifespan is much shorter now.

  3. Wow wow wow.
    Clarity, clean well, new frequency and vibrations of God are here now sister in Christ (who came to earth as a man in the flesh). This Word is accurate and whole and complete as it flowed from the Spirit of propehcy witin you. Expect more outpouring this season and please also receieve this word for yourself.
    God bless you with His perfect SHALOM. I touch and agree with every word in the Name of Jesus that the Father may be glorified. In Jesus’s Name amen.

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