Maintaining Spiritual Momentum

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Facing Resistance and Pressure

You will face resistance and pressure when you cannot be manipulated and you refuse to bend to the mold they are trying to make you in.

Resistance and pressure can work for you if you allow it to.  When your eyes are focused on Jesus, it is very hard for you to be moved and distracted by what is around you.

The more focused you are on The LORD, the more you learn to ride the waves of life.

Have you ever seen surfers ride the water waves?

The more they learn to flow with the wave while they surf the less they will fall.

When you allow The LORD to lead you, you can never go wrong.  Learn to flow with The Holy Spirit.

Whatever He says to you, do it.  Even if it seems foolish, do it.  God’s ways are higher than our ways.

To experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding you have to make up your mind to be at peace in The LORD regardless of what comes your way.

Attacks or “Problems” does one of two things it either points out how grounded you are in The LORD or how weak your faith in God really is.

If God who is the Author and Finisher, the one who created the universe spoke to you concerning a specific thing, what or who can make you doubt or waver?

Who do you choose to believe, man or God?

Who is greater, man or God?

Do you not know that God is Sovereign and whatever He says He will do?

I may not know what The LORD has spoken to you, but if The LORD God spoke it to you then watch Him perform and bring it to pass no matter who or what comes against you!

Maintaining Spiritual Momentum

To maintain our spiritual momentum, it is important that we meditate on the Word of God and focus our mind on the things of God.

You do not always have to be in a still position to talk to God or reflect and meditate on the Word of God.

You can be washing the dishes, but yet you are meditating on the Word of God.  You can be cooking, cleaning, walking, driving but you decide to talk to God and meditate on the things of God.

Your morning and night devotion does not have to be the only time you communicate with God.

Relationship and intimacy with God is when you include Him in every aspect of your life.

I mean you may ask The LORD something and He may not respond to you as quick as you would want Him to, but it does not mean that He never heard you or He is not listening.

It takes time to develop intimacy with God and it takes time to know His voice.

Sometimes you may ask God something and you may feel as though you missed Him when in fact He spoke to you, but you were looking for Him to speak to you in a way He speaks to another sister or brother.

I want to encourage us to know the voice of God.  It is such a beautiful thing when you can talk to God and hear Him talk back to you.

Take the time to know the voice of God and do not be misled because every voice you hear is not always the voice of God.

The devil speaks as well, so does our flesh.  God hears and He knows everything.

Say for instance someone randomly invites somewhere; we should have that close relationship with God where we run everything by Him.  He will instruct you what to do.

Yes God is real.  Remember He said He will send us another Comforter which is The Holy Spirit.

We have the Comforter and He will speak and respond to you if you take the time to listen and find out what He has to say.

Some years ago I was told of an encounter a sister in Christ had with The LORD where every morning after waking up the first thing she would say was: “Good morning Holy Spirit”.

From my understanding, she did this for years and there was no response.  One particular morning she got up and for some reason she never said “Good morning Holy Spirit.”

Half way throughout the day she heard the Holy Spirit say to her, “How come you never said good morning?”

After hearing, the Holy Spirit spoke this word she was so shocked.

Listen, God hears when you speak to Him.  He knows the words you cannot say.  He knows the language of your tears.

He knows everything. May we take the necessary time and interest in building a solid, intimate relationship with Christ.

Trust me; you will be so much glad you did.


~ Shelly-Ann Powell

Shell-Ann PowellShelly-Ann Powell is a woman after God’s heart, founder and director of the Impact Nations For Christ organization whose mission is to empower, strengthen and point humanity to the Savior Jesus Christ.

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