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Many Changes Are at Hand as God Takes Back the Land — 12 Comments

  1. I have not seen anything ever regarding the homeless, the drug addicted, the elderly trapped forgotten and abused in nursing homes, orphans literally around the world, foster kids “aged” out of the foster care system abused and trafficked by their foster “parents”.

    • Dear Deborah, THanks for your input. There is indeed much abuse and there are many who are homeless and seemingly forgotten, orphans etc. There are many orphan spirits in the church and the world and I believe the Lord who is all knowing is releasing even through revival a flow of love that cannot be measured and cannot be contained. He was not speaking specifiically to me re: the things you mentioned but as an intercessor, I know He has laid the burden of those you are callig ‘forgotten’ on the hearts of those who pray and HE is the intercessor of all. BLessings, Sandi Holman

  2. Wow, Sandi. So Spot on. I feel your heart. The Lord has been speaking much the same to me. The getting our house in order is so crucial.
    The harvest is coming in. We must be prepared.
    Loved:”Tie up all the loose ends, and finish every assignment from yesterday, for there is no time to waste,” says The LORD.
    Love you much, sis and friend. Joyce

    • Good morning my sweet friend Joyce.
      Preparation is really past time and time will not stand still for those who are dragging their feet. It is almost as though many do not grasp the true lateness of the hour but are so deceived they are stuck in their complacent comfort zone. Thanks for your agreement and insight. Crucial is a good word and ORDER is the grace of our Lord. Love you! Sandi

  3. Wow Sandi, this is such a confirmation to the dreams I had in the very early hours of this morning.
    God bless you beautiful lady, thank you!! :)

    • Good morning, Cherish, thanks for confirming the timing of this word. It is truly past time to grow up and start being who were are. We are all needed in this hour to hold the body of Christ together and carry out His plan. The curtain is about to come up for the final act! God Bless, Sandi

  4. Almost none will be able to endure what is behind the curtain. Just like what has happened to the government when Donald Trump came on the scene and all the corruption keeps coming to the surface. Now the same is going to happen to the church in America and in turn to the whole world. It is not the children of the world that most think they see about. It is all of Gods children who have never grown up. Some are as much as 80 years old and still on the bottle not able to eat solid food. Full grown adults names on their ministry and just babes in Christ. Time to grow up people one is coming who will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers
    And so it goes for the stage is set the actors in place and now the greatest act of all will take place and what the whole church should have prevented will be undone. We really do have a good Father and now he is going to clean out the nursery.

    • So be it David. I appreciate your wise input. I love ‘he is going to clear out the nursery’. I believe those that linger in yeserday just cannot make it through this war. Thanks much for sharing. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

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