March 2017: Watch for Divine Demarcation


I know it’s early, but here is just a glimpse into a Word that God gave me today for the month of March 2017!

“A divine demarcation in the nations of the earth shall emerge in a greater way starting in the month of March!”

This afternoon I was sitting in my garden when the Spirit of the LORD began to manifest.  I felt a tangible weightiness of his presence surround me.  Then I saw in the Spirit the Finger of God begin to draw a dividing line across the nations of the earth.

I saw an even greater shaking begin to take place.  I felt the ground give way as His finger moved across the nations.  Then I saw in the spirit realm a great and mighty shift begin to take place in the earth.

Suddenly great and mighty earthquakes began to increase in the earth and the waters of the seas began to rise violently.  Suddenly weather patterns over the nations began to shift and change rapidly.

Then I saw heavy rainfall and large hail stones falling from the heavens.  I saw mighty tornadoes beginning to form in the distance.

Then I heard the Spirit say,

“Watch!  For March will be a month where a divine demarcation in the nations of the earth will begin to take place in a greater way, for the boundary lines of the nations are now being realigned, rearranged and reordered.

Watch!  For a clear demarcation of functions within the five-fold ministries will begin to emerge across the body Christ.

Watch!  For there will be an even greater dividing line between what is good and what is evil, what is truth and what is deception.

Watch!  As I separate the goat nations from the sheep nations.

Watch!  As the wheat and the chaff are sifted.

Watch!  As the light of My Glory goes forth to illuminate and expose that which has been covered and concealed by a blanket of darkness.  For even in this hour, the fires of My Glory are now beginning to fall, fall, fall upon the nations of the earth!

Watch!  As My Hand now moves swiftly to firmly fix in place new boundary lines within the nations of the earth, for My Kingdom is now advancing and My Glory is now invading, for My Justice and righteousness shall rule over the nations.

Watch!  As My Word goes forth to establish My Kingdom purposes in all nations of the earth,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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