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May He Find Us Faithful — 2 Comments

  1. Sandi, this is a breath of fresh air tonight I found. So much spoke to my heart. Thank you. What a beautiful song with such meaning. Rest for your eyes. God bless you.

  2. What a wonderful encouraging word!  I need the guidance and can’t wait to read it again.  I had a dream of being on a tiny, curvy, narrow road in my car at night.  Suddenly the lights went out and the car wouldn’t stop.  I was terrified but kept on driving.  Then a giant flashlight shown down from heaven and I was still on the path.  Then, again, no light and I kept driving because I couldn’t stop…..again the light shown down from Heaven and i was still on that little path and the next thing I knew I was mingling with a great crowd of people in an outside gathering…..my destiny I guess, or perhaps the great cloud of witnesses, but, praise God, He got me there because I had nothing to do with getting there!  This word has answered so many questions and given me encouraging guidance and great hope, Thank you sister….thank you Father God, help me to learn to recognize Your voice and do Your will.

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