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Wells without Water

Most of us do not remember going to the well in the old day to draw some water, and the well was dry.  Wells do go dry; even oil wells, and you can pump all you want to, but nothing comes out.  I do recall, when they had to go down into the well, and clean it out good; scooping out all of the mud and trash.  Then, clear cool water could seep back in and fill the well once more.  Or, they had to dig another well.

Clouds without rain.  There’s something terribly disturbing, when the fields and garden need rain; it clouds up and turns dark, but nothing happens.  In the Old and New Testaments, it talks about people who say great things to hear, but there is nothing behind what they are saying.  It wasn’t only the Christ, that said some folk say wonderful things with their lips, but their heart is far from Him.  The old prophets and writers, spoke of the same thing; honoring God with our mouth, but the well, has long been dried up.

“And their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.”  Jude said that. It’s to those who say things about those they admire; but it’s really so they can get some kind of advantage out of it; something for their own use.  I want to say this in all humility.  Sometimes, I get the feeling that many of us, did not study very much; and we likely did not read God’s word as often as we should.  I think that if we had, we would have seen all of these verses, about looking and appearing to be one thing, but being actually empty and dry, on the inside.

There was a day, when we had something that was called an altar, at the front of the church, before you went up on the platform.  In that day, any of us could go down to the altar at the end of the message, and pray through.  With tears and much humility, we would repent, dig down and clean out our well, and allow fresh holy water to flow back in.  And hear me, no one even thought you were backslid or that you had done some terrible wrong.  They got in the altar with you, and cried and held you and encouraged you all the way.  Why?  Because, we all get bogged down.  Life, can truly drain you.

But it might be, that some of the wells that have no water, never had much of it to begin with.  It is possible, in the real world, to drill for water, and not get anything; you have to move on.  Perhaps, the Spirit tried to do a work in some of us, but we resisted for too long. Maybe our hearts were not in the right place; God knew we wanted things from Him, but for the wrong kind of reason.  There is an old slogan, that says, you can’t give out, something you don’t have.

I have to keep digging.  Renew in me, a right spirit, oh God.


Mean What You Say!

For with their mouth, they show much love, but their heart goeth after their covetousness.  We wonder why, so many have such a hard time trusting anyone today.  People do not keep their word.  If they promise not to tell someone, they do.  If they say they are going to call, they don’t.  They’re quick to say, I love you, but their actions prove different.  These same folk, ask you, “How are you.”  But, they do not want to know.

It might sound like to some, that much of what I say, is negative.  Hearing the truth spoken, if it is done with the right spirit, is not negative.  Some of us like to talk about the sunshine; and it’s actually pouring down rain.  Too many want to close a blind eye to what is going on in our world; what is truly going on, on our own street, or in our own families.  Not paying close attention, is costly.  Hearing too much feel good stuff, makes us weaker; not stronger.  Much of the world, including some of the church, wants to play.

I can say one thing.  People know, if you are really a person, who keeps their word, or not.  We have a new wave, of plastic people.  It’s really hard for me to get used to all of this cell phone talking; especially, if you are in a public place, and are forced to listen constantly to someone.  I try to tune it out, but sometimes, they are so loud, you can’t help but hear it all.  But, if you do listen closely, most often, they are not saying anything deep, or even real.  It’s shallow and boring; they could be talking to almost anyone.

Even on here, I am working hard to do what I say, and mean what I say.  I want to make sure, that I’m not saying I’m praying for someone, if I’m not.  If I can’t take the time to say at least a short true prayer, it’s better to push the like button, and move on.  And saying “I love you” and “I’m sorry,” are two of the most over used and under-meant comments, in our language.  If we’re really not sorry, then don’t say we are.  Rap, is just rap.  Hype is hype.

We can’t say we love sinners, if we never talk to any.  And we shouldn’t say we care for people, when they can’t ever feel it.  Empty talk, hurts people.  It also destroys us as a person.

If I say I know the truth, then I must be willing to accept the truth about myself, and those I hang out with; all of it.  I do feel today, that I must never tell someone that I understand, if I have never ever walked in their shoes.

I learned the hard way, that I can not say “I know,” when I don’t.  We can’t say we love people, then shun them.  Or can we?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Hello !
    I’m a believer and live in the world like we all do, : ). And I am grieved about what is happening and can only pray and believe God is still yet in control and here is my only hope for most people who are shallow and probably never intended to be. I’m full of sorrow today.
    Thanks for your message for it hits home in most of our homes today.