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  1. Hello,

    This theory seems a lot like Purgatory to me, and seems to imply that Jesus’ blood was not enough once and for all, that people who have accepted Him will still be paying off and will have a chance to pay off their sins after they are in Heaven, but in an in-between place in a sense. All of the scriptures could also be used to show that the road is narrow and few there be that find it. I think that virgins was used to underscore that they believed themselves to be Christians. To be Christian is to be the Bride of Christ.  If we don’t love, we don’t know God, and Jesus said “if you love Me, obey my commandments “. They are inextricably tied together. And if these virgins did not know God, then how could they be Christians? That is a very strong statement. He is our Father. I was very saddened to see many scriptures in the Bible that make it clear we can lose our salvation. On the other hand, if people believe that they can do whatever they want and still in a way, get into Heaven, which I don’t see supported in the scriptures, they will take the easiest way, and even if that theory were true, many may, by skating as close to this edge as human nature almost always dictates,may miss Heaven by a hair. Any way I look at this theory it seems extremely dangerous and it really disturbs me.

  2. Brother Ty, I encourage you to continue allowing God to use for His Glory! We are so close to many prophecies being fulfilled, this is an exciting time, in which the Bride is truly being groomed for marriage, just not any marriage, but The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb, for nothing shall compare to it, as God’s Word says, Blessed are those who are called to The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb. Love you brother and the Bride, praying for God’s perfect will to be done.❤

  3. If I were put on trial in Heaven for being deceived by a tare idea and therefore what I called Christianity was actually darkness and not light at all I would point to one of the men pre flood men that lived nearly 1000 years in the earth and secured eternal life. I would say that if I had that amount of time I am sure with what I know now to be true I could also secure eternal life. The other point you make about trials and tribulation perfecting a saint kind of makes what Jesus accomplished for us a mute point when we can take the law for ourselves and beat each other with it judging and condemning each other to accomplish exactly what the law could not accomplish the perfecting of a man, I also notice How the work of the Holy Spirit who Jesus the Head is and was baptized with who is offered to all His body to be baptized with the sign given (tongues) which must happen so Christ can be formed in us perfecting us by His leading word and guiding voice so the Godhead may all dwell in us through what Jesus purchased notice Colossians and not engagement sons daughters joint heirs born of God perfected by God married into the family of God because of Jesus Christ This is a lot like reading Job and his theology you can think God gave Job a beating to perfect him and refuse to see Jobs repentance and how ashamed He was over what he thought was the truth

  4. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Brother Ty! I receive and embrace this important word and message, it lines up with complete truth. As the Bride of Jesus Christ, we have to sanctify ourselves by separating ourselves from being contaminated by sin, by the fleshly ways of the world, remaining in the presence of the Lord, allowing Jesus to refill us in the Holy Spirit, so that our lamps will be and stay filled with oil, that holy oil and fire, in/through the Holy Spirit.

    I agree that the Bride of Jesus Christ, have to be pure, different, in the sense of what she allows in her life and it is important that she doesn’t allow anything to interfere or come in between her relationship with Jesus Christ, her Heavenly Bridegroom, being apart of the 5 wise virgins, she must remain faithful, keeping her garments clean in true holiness, staying close to her Bridegroom.

    I also stand in agreement, that the Bride of Jesus, her testing of fiery trials and tribulations, are necessary for the perfecting, for the purifying of her garments, being completed in Jesus Christ. Thank you, for sharing this post, it is a message not look pass, but to seriously embrace and understand. Peace and Blessings, Maranatha!❤

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