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  1. Tommy Lay-
    My heart hurts for you so much and I have no answers for you but I will continually pray for you and the blood of Jesus cover you!  I can only imagine what’s in store for us in heaven and no memory of this awful place!  I’m so sorry for the loss of you daughter – I can’t even begin to understand what that feels like. I pray for restoration of your body and for the relationship with your son and for God to pour out his blessings and mercy on you. I know when you’re not hearing from God it feels like the loneliness place in the world and you’re heart is breaking and you just want relief. Please know I am praying for you and don’t give up – keep pressing in.

  2. I myself have had the same situations! But I do all of that above and still the wars rage. In August 23,2015 my daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Right after that a paternity case brought against me. So my son was torn from my life as well. Also I was injured on the job. Both knees, herniated 5 disc in my back. Broke my thumb. And right wrist torn ligaments and nerve damage. There is a lot of money involved, and my family betrays me for money and sex. Now all of my lawyers are withdrawing from my case, even the ones who I’ve paid cash too. This is not all of the issues at hand either.

    What am I to do as a person with no one to talk too. I also dwell in the spirit realm of the Holy Spirit as well.
    It seems my personal prayers are not being answered.
    My cry to Jesus is I want my son, and to be able to provide for him. And have the surgeries I need before any more muscles die, and nerves die to as well.

    Say a prayer for me! As I love our Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart.
    Thank you
    Tommy lay

  3. This rings so true – I’ve been attacked on every level to the point I can’t take anything else. Every day I just want to end my life because I feel it’s never going to end and its next to impossible to find someone who really cares and has the gifts of the spirit. Nothing happens to the liars, abusers, cheaters!!

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