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This Nation will be brought to its Knees — 1 Comment

  1. This was what I 1st thought when I saw the BIG headline today….
    All those educational efforts / tortures by the “leaders” – all is already mixed and messed, twisted and infiltrated – this can`t work for a long time… this must come to its knees, sooner or later.
    God bless you, dear Stephen (btw, my son`s name is like yours) and God also bless ALL the constructors of this page.
    GOD CHOSE what is poor (and pure) an they share private and public, little and big happenings, to help others to find salvation and redemption in Jesus Christ. They share with everyone, even their last bread. It isn`t easy for some, even to pay the monthy bill for the internet provider on time. Please think about ! WHO went day and night to the temple and knew more than any others of the pharisees ? ANNA, the prophetess ! WHO gave out her last cent – the widow ! WHO fed the men of God ? A single mother with her son! WHO are you to dare to mock or to play on the back of HIS saints ? They share the Holy Word and they are not any longer ashamed to be “naked” before the seen and the unseen world, all for GOD`s sake ! Jesus Christ – our Lord and Redeemer – He had to suffer bear shame and nakedness for everyone who reads this. And all who know the Sermon on the Mount, know, that we are not much worth in the eyes of the world. It is time that Jesus returns. Even in the “church” His children are mocked now daily more and more. Hosea 9

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