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  1. Praise God! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! Thank you, for sharing what the Lord has placed on your heart, upon your hand to speak through written Word, to impart to the Church. I trust God, it is man who I am constantly watching, testing every spirit by the spirit, to make sure every Word given is from God. We are living challenging, dark and evil times, I cannot risk my walk with lies, deceit, misleading or misguidance, but leaning on the Lord through the Holy Spirit, carefully discerning the spirit.

    It saddens me that with all of the opposition taking place in this hour, the spiritual warfare, fiery darts from the enemy, we have to worry about strongly, the false prophets, disguising themselves as messengers of God, so yes, sometimes I am on edge, because I don’t trust too many people in this hour, testing every spirit, every piece of doctrine. If I wanted to go to hell myself, I wouldn’t need any help, so I cannot not allow the devil to disguise himself in a attempt to entrap me, so I take my time when reading prophecy, that’s all prophecies, prayers, those who say they are praying for me, I have to make sure, for the spirit of the evil one is running rampant.

    Thank you, Pastor June Reinke, for sharing such a impacting Word and message from the Lord. God bless you!️❤️

  2. Thank YOU,LORD for giving this WORD to Pastor June! HALLELUJAH!
    I am YOUR child who needed this WORD today. YOUR timing is perfect in all things and I PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME. YOU said YOU will never leave or forsake me. My trust is in YOU alone!

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