My Anointed Ones


For I hear the Spirit of the LORD saying,  “This is the hour I will manifest My Power.

For this is the hour that many that did not hear in times past will hear the voice of My true prophets,” sayeth the LORD.

“For I have prepared them many years for this very hour.  I have anointing these ones with the overthrow anointing.

They will overthrow Jezebel and the Babylonian system.  For many of My People have been deceived, they have been plundered and they have been robbed.

But watch as I shake loose the pockets of those who have robbed and spoiled My People in this hour.

Watch as I place the finances in the hands of My true servants who will speak under the unction of My Spirit, who reveals all things to them.

For the mantle of Elijah will manifest in great boldness in these chosen ones, and they will speak louder than they have ever spoken before.

Those who were rocked to sleep in false doctrine, whose eyes have been blinded, whose ears were dull of hearing, shall hear my voice LOUDLY in this hour as I speak through My servants the prophets.

Many which slept will arise and will be awakened and many will flee from the wrath that is to come for this is the hour that Babylon will be judged and great shall be the judgment.

For I shall judge this great whore that sitteth upon many waters and I shall uncover that beast that is carrying her and I shall cut many loose from her skirt tail in this hour,”  says the Spirit of the Loving God.

“Watch as I move forth by My great power through My chosen ones in this hour,”  saith the Spirit of the loving God, “who will accomplish My Will.”


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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