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MY Children Have Been Led Astray! — 2 Comments

  1. God reveals to redeem beloved. Allow Adonai to effect the positive change in your life that will effect also your family. It is well

  2. Praise God! Amen! Yes, Sister Syretta Thomas, I believe some of my family who has been called by God, those who were once active in Jesus Christ, have lost something beautiful spiritually, the message the Lord has given you is confirming what the Lord has been showing me, for quite some time.

    I’m praying as well, because it hurt my heart, knowing what was taking place in my family. I’m considered an outcast, ailienated by my family, which some just stopped communicating with me, blocking me from texting or messaging them, so I walk the narrow road alone in Jesus Christ, but praying for my family’s deliverance, asking the Lord to change the condition of their heart.

    I know that I’m not perfect and make mistakes often, but what you’ve mentioned could be the cause of the constant warfare in the spirit, attacks from the demonic spirits, raging against me with hostility and aggression. I thank God, for placing this on your heart to share openly, because this is something that is taking place, I will not deny, but now understanding the nature of these demonic attacks. God bless you, Sister Syretta Thomas! I will be praying for you, your family, my family and those who are clueless to these evil attacks.

    Love you Sister Syretta, you have a beautiful heart and spirit. I was drawn to your posts and ministry. God bless!♥️

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