My Deborahs & Esthers Are Rising in the Nations!


I hear Papa say, “My Daughter, Warriors are Awakening, My Deborahs, My Esthers are Rising.

I AM restoring honour in this hour over My handmaidens.

I AM restoring to her dignity and integrity.

I AM removing the grave clothes of the old season and I clothing her with strength, courage and boldness.

I will fill her mouth with words of mercy and wisdom and she shall speak forth words of kindness that will rekindle and reignite hearts that have grown cold and distant.

I AM setting her feet firmly upon a new path, a path that leads to new life, increase and abundance,” says God.

“Daughters, My Eye and My Hand is ever upon you.  I have uniquely created you for purpose and destiny.

I have not forgotten you or passed you by, for this is the hour and season of your Rising!

My heart is turned towards you and My ears are inclined to your cries.

Many of My daughters have been in the process of birthing like a pregnant woman in labor who is about to give birth to the new thing that I AM doing upon the earth,” says God.

“Daughters, listen!  Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?  Or shall I who gives delivery, shut the womb?  NO,” says God.

“My Beloved, your laboring has not been in vain, for now you shall bring forth that which I have promised, and that which I have purposed for you in the earth.

I call you fruitful and I call you faithful daughters.  I have set you high above and I have set you far apart from the ways of this world.

For I have equipped and empowered you for even greater impact and influence.

Now watch!  For this is the season of supernatural, intervention, conception and delivery,” says God,

“It is I who planted within you the seeds of faith and hope, and it is I who now cultivates and nurtures those seeds that you may bring forth an abundance of fruit and fruit that will remain. 

I have anointed you with the oil of My glory and gladness.

I have made you to be carers and carriers of My Great power and authority in the earth.

I have entrusted you with the treasures of My Kingdom.

I have anointed your heads and your hands with the healing oil of My Spirit.  Even now You will be caught up into new realms and deeper dimensions of My Glory where I will reveal that which has been hidden and concealed for this generation.

I call you mothers of the hidden mysteries and mothers of miracles, signs and wonders,” says God.

I see the Warrior daughters of God being lifted higher and being taken further in this season than ever before.

I feel the mothering heart of God drawing His daughters closer and closer into new levels of seeing and knowing.

Heaven is releasing new keys, new strategies and new solutions to these mighty ones that they may begin to war in a new way, for a new day is dawning.

I feel the fathering heart of God wooing His Warrior daughters into a place of greater intimacy and deeper encounter, this is a place where deeper levels of healing and deeper levels of restoration will take place.

I see the fathering heart of God reversing, renewing and re-calibrating the hearts of His Warrior daughters who have been rejected, abused and even abandoned.

Many daughters are now receiving fresh revelation of true sonship and identity, as daughters of Destiny.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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