My Heart for You, Draw Closer to Me


My Daughter, I speak to you today of things to come.  For, there is more destruction that will come to the earth.  For there are many who say, we already know this, we want to know the day and time.

I say to you, no one will know the day or time.  For I say to you, I AM the only one who knows the day and time of things to come.  There are those, who I speak to, of My prophets, who I warn of things to come, and well is it that you should always be prepared for the coming times.  But are you prepared for it now?

For, it seems that there are those who say, oh that is not for now, it is not for today or tomorrow, so I will not worry about it.  Know that it is not for you to worry about it, as I will take care of Mine, but rather that all should be prepared in whatever way I AM speaking to you and for whatever is coming.

There are those who say, “But the LORD doesn’t speak to Me,  I don’t hear Him, like you do.”

I say to those, “Have you earnestly tried to hear Me?   Have you asked Me to let you hear Me?  Do you seek Me with your whole heart?  Or are you only seeking Me with the heart of man, for those things that are not what you need or they are not of Me?

Do you only listen for what you want to hear, and not what I want to say to you?  Do you listen to the voice of the enemy, who can also speak to you, and allow him into your heart and into your spirit?

Do you allow him to rule and reign, that you have no need to hear Me, for your heart and spirit say, “I would rather have it my way.  I would rather do what I want to do.  I would rather see what I want to see.  If I listen to that other voice, that keeps reminding me that I shouldn’t then I don’t get to have any fun.  I don’t get to go places with some of my friends or do things that I want to do”?

Or it says to you, “You aren’t hearing the LORD, the LORD wouldn’t take me from my friends.  The LORD wouldn’t keep me from doing those things.  The LORD loves me and wants me to do these things.  The LORD wants me to have this, or He wouldn’t have given me the money for it, when the money is My provision to pay bills.  So have you opened a door that allows in the things of enemy rather than the things of God, that keep you from hearing from Me?”

Are your heart and spirit for Me or against Me?  Do you spend more time with Me or with your friends and family?

I say to you, do not listen to the things of man, before the things of God.  Do not read the things of man, before the things of God.  For, I AM calling you into a life of purity into a life of holiness.

Do you not know and understand that there is much coming that will only be overcome by the things of God?  It will only be overcome, if you have spent time with Me and know My Word and My Ways. It will only be overcome through Me.

So I say to you, come to Me as a child, not as one who knows all and will not give up your ways.  For the ways of man are not the ways of God.  Come to Me as a child in love and a willingness to do all that I have called you to.

Come to Me, with your heart, ears, and eyes open to listen and see what I have for you.  Do not come with predetermined thoughts.  For then you will not listen to My heart.  For, it will be your own heart and will that override that which I give to you.

Open yourself to Me.  Spend time with Me, that you might gain the wisdom and knowledge for the days ahead.  For you will need all that I give you to overcome that which is coming.  For surely I say to you it will come.

For there is much that has been stopped with the upswing of prayers that are seeking Me at this time.  There is much that has been waylaid.  But there is still much on the horizon for this nation and for other nations of the world, unless your petitioning to Me continues, and you are willing to sacrifice, that which I tell you to sacrifice to Me.

I know and you know that there are those who are not willing to give up the things of man, but I say to you that it is the things of man that will block you from the path that I have called you to. In this nation and in others, I say to you there are spirits of greed, pride, rebellion, and witchcraft that keep you from attaining all that there is for you in Me.

Many want more, more, more, but it isn’t Me that they want more of, it is the things of man, it is to keep up with the spirit of man, to keep up with their family, friends, or neighbors to have more than the one next to you.

Pride and rebellion work hand in hand in the people of this nation and in others, that say I know it all, or mine is the best, or it is my way, not yours, or if you don’t do it my way, I will leave.  Or I don’t like what you are doing, because….(for various reasons that are not of God) so they want to fight you, or plot against you, or rebel of all things of God.

Remember, rebellion is as witchcraft.  Witchcraft works not only in those who practice witchcraft, but in common everyday people in their trying to manipulate and control the things and people around or near them.  Wishing something for someone, when it isn’t My will is witchcraft.  You should want My Will, not yours for yourself and anyone else that you are with or pray for.

Seek Me for My will in all things, not your will, not the will of your friend or relative.  MY WILL should be in your thoughts, actions, and the words that you say, not yours or the heart of man.

Draw closer to Me.  Spend time with Me.  Read My Word, that you would know Me more.  Come seek Me in the morning, that you would start the day with Me, that your heart would be open to Me then.  So that, I might prepare you for the day, that I might pour myself into you, to renew you to bring you forth into what I have for you.

Come, spend time with Me, that you would see and understand My heart for you and others.  Come that you would rest with Me, and lay your burdens at My feet.  For I do not give you more than you can carry, but you often pick up more that you can carry.

You often times stop to help others, and pick up their burden as well.  It is not for you to carry all the burdens of the world.  That is why I sent My Son, for He carries it all with gladness.

He came to save you of your sins.  He came to help you with Holy Spirit.  Give your burdens to Me, that you would not have to carry all that you have picked up, but only that which is meant for you.

Trust Me, Know Me, Love Me for who I AM.  For that is how I love you, as who you are. I will not let go of you.  It will be you who would let go of Me first.  Even then, I will catch you.

But will you then allow Me to open up the hurt and pain of the past that allowed you or enticed you to pick up more, or told you to hold onto something that you were supposed to let go of?  Will you allow Me to enter into your heart, to operate and take out the pain that has hurt you, that has caused you bitterness and suffering?

Will you allow Me to operate and take out those things that are not of Me, and then will you tell them to leave and stay out?  Will you tell them that they are not welcome, in the temple that I have built within you?  Will you not welcome them back also with seven other friends who would be worse than them?  Will you commit yourself to Me, and not the enemy?  Will you hold yourself pure of heart and spirit, that I might rule and reign and fill you with more of Me?

Does this happen overnight?  With a miracle it will, for most, it is over time.

So I say to you, are you willing to spend time with Me, to know Me for who I AM, that I might pour more of Me into you?  Are you willing to let Me operate on your heart, to get rid of the hurt, pain, and bitterness that hold you back?

Are you willing to let Me take out the things that aren’t of Me, and then you will have to tell them they can’t come back?  Are you willing to wage a war, with Me, against the things that are within that are trying to harm and destroy you?

Oh, you say that there is nothing within you that is bad?  So you think that that you are perfect, as My Son, Jesus Christ?  I say to you, that there are none that are perfect, unless they are in heaven with Me and have been restored by Me in Heaven.

So I say to you again, there is something in everyone, that is not of Me in them.  There is something within, though it may be hidden to you, it is there, or you wouldn’t be on earth at this time.  This is a lifelong battle that you must do on behalf of yourself and others, so that they will see more of Me in you.

Are you willing to wage a battle with Me, for your soul?  For all that is within you that is Me?  Are you willing to get rid of the bad and allow Me to fill you with more of Me?

For this is My heart for you, that you would be so pure of heart, that when the enemy sees you, that He sees Me instead, and that he will no longer come to torment you, for he will realize that I have won, and that you are fully Mine, so that he will stop in his tracks and turn tail and run the other way.

For I say to you, that then you will have won the battle for your soul.

So will you seek Me more, and draw closer to Me?



God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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