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My Words Are Related to Jeremiah — 6 Comments

  1. I won’t discard this message (warning) but will keep pleading the blood of Jesus over America & the whole world. I will keep asking for mercy on America & the whole world. Take it to the Lord in prayers brethren. Thank you Dear Lynne

  2. While it is wise to buy and stock up with extra material goods, if we have the money and space, our ultimate salvation depends upon the Lord.  Many richer Christians in North America are turning to the survival movement – and understandably so, because of the seemingly exceptional times we are living in – but for poorer Christians elsewhere, especially in the Third World countries, a concern for physical survival has been the norm not the exception.

    Also, we must not forget that we are called to share with others, especially with fellow believers, what we have, including any physical provisions that we may have stored up, nor that, if all else fails, the Lord may even send the ravens to provide for us.

  3. not the first time her words have contradicted others…
    Be careful….many false prophetic words out there….I believe God will give us answers directly in prayer, if we can believe and bask in His marvelous presence.

  4. Dear Lynne,
    I’m a little confused of your words. A little time ago you said this is the time to shine and God’s children will perform great miracles like Jesus did and more and it will be the most happy time. Now you say this is a devastating time full of destruction and we must be prepared even physically. That’s contrary. Could it be that this a most happy time for the forerunners, I mean those who have been trough the fires of affliction already and all others must face that now?
    God bless you, sis!

    • There has been multiple forms of judgment both good and bad throughout this website. The times of each form rendered to you will be depending on your faith. And at this time the best question being asked is where are YOU! In all this. Where is your faith in all of this? Would you be ready for anything and everything no matter what it is and still have love in your heart without being bitter and angry? both good and bad about to happen but where do you fall??

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