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    When I come out of this Fiery Furnace of Affliction, TRIED AND TESTED, I will be as Pure Gold!! A Center Out Transparent Reflection of Your Image Almighty God, the Image of my Maker, reflecting You and You ONLY into a very lost, hurting, and dark world, but OH Your Light Lord will penetrate it all!!! And ALL of the Glory Due Your Beautiful Name WILL be given You!! Abba Father, Lord Jesus, Yeshuah, Beautiful Holy Spirit!!! THANK YOU!!! AMEN!!!

    • Yes and Amen! Amen! Glory be to God! This has encouraged me so much! God bless you, Sister Cheri! Powerful words!️❤️

  2. My faith is strengthen even the more with this timely prophetic word! Just on Saturday (6/11/2021), I went for a Doctor’s appointment & the result I got wasn’t what I was expecting. I was not happy about it but still believed God would turn things around for me one day! However, on my way home, I SAW SOMEONE WITH THE WORD”NEVER GIVE UP”!  The daily devotional i use on that same day still said” Never give up no matter the problem, still press in”! I just knew these were words from the Lord to me that no matter the disappointing result, I should still faith more & never give up! Today, the Holy spirit is still drumming the same word to me! Father, i thank you for your love towards me! I will never give up!

  3. Praise God! Glory be to the Lord, Who Sits High and Looks Low! Amen! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I felt that Word, the Divine Power of God, projected through this written, Anointed Word he has shared with you! Praise the Lord! I embrace and receive, applying this Word of God and the Word of God in general to all of my oppositions, sent from the enemy.

    I cannot and will not give up on the Lord God, for He has kept his Word, Promises and Keeping me each day, from the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same. The Lord has never given up on me, when many in this world have, turned on me with betrayal, persecuted me, slandered and brought false accusations to my name, opposing against me as a unit, many, many individuals, but my Lord and Savior, brought me through them all, yet keeping my mind sound, complete in Him.

    Thank you, very much, for sharing this Powerful, Anointed and Impacting Word from the Lord. God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! May the Lord God, continue to bless, elevate, cover you, your family in him, bring you to new levels in Him, blessing your spiritual woman, physical temple, emotionally and mentally. I extend much love to you and the Bride of Jesus Christ! Maranatha!️❤️

    • God bless you Norman Bacon! I also have countless enemies accusing & scheming evils against me daily. I refuse to be distracted but rather stay calm, lose Mercy on them & always report to them to God to whom vengeance belongs through fervent prayers. God has been dealing with them on my behalf! I urge you to do same & see how the Lord will deliver you from these Herod’s & disappoint the expectations of the Jews(your enemies). God will disgrace your enemies! Thanks

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