There Are No Limitations in My Kingdom!


Beloved.  I AM the Eternal God.  I AM not bound by time or space, My Child.  There are no increments of time in heaven.

Time was created for man to dwell upon the earth.  Times and seasons, years and months and days are for the earth realm. In the eternal realm, it is always “now”.

I AM He who is and was and is to come, the same yesterday, today and forever.

I AM the I AM.  There are no limitations in My Kingdom, Dear One.  All things, including time, are subject to Me.

So do not fear the passage of time or the effects of it.  You are a citizen of heaven.  The prayers you prayed in the past are still working, still before Me as a sweet fragrance.

Your prayers are kept in golden bowls.  They do not stop working because time has passed on the earth.  No, My Love. My Word is forever.  Pray My Word, Dear One.

My Word is eternal.  The Word that you have spoken is still being heard.  It is still reverberating and powerful and life changing in ways that you cannot comprehend, but I will reveal to you these hidden things by My Spirit.

Oh, My Love.  No Word you release ever returns void to Me, without accomplishing that to which it was sent.  My Word accomplishes all My Pleasure.

My Word is ALIVE and POWERFUL. This LIFE and Light can never be put out or overcome.

I AM the Word, Beloved.  Speak forth the Word into your situation and watch what I shall do on your behalf.

Watch the waves of Glory it produces.  Like a stone in the water, so it shall go forth, ever radiating outward, pushing back and destroying the kingdom of darkness.

The knowledge of My Glory shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

“Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.  Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast,”   Psalm 119:89-90.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away,”   Matthew 24:35.

“‘… but the word of the Lord stands forever.’  And this is the word that was proclaimed to you,”   1 Peter 1:25.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever,”   Isaiah 40:8.


~ Deborah Waldron Fry

Deborah Waldron FryDeborah Waldron Fry



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