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  1. “and to those of you who have even offered up prayers and proclamations of blessings for these evil doers, you will have no part in Me!”

    Veronica, I have offered up prayers for the Lord bring these people to repentance, like Abby Johnson.  Is thee no hope for me?

    • I think it’s just talking about the condemnation waiting for people who have really agreed with the work of the abortionists, and sought divine protection for their wickedness. Those of us who have prayed for their repentance are most likely excluded from their condemnation. Is the point of your prayer to bring the kingdom of YHVH, or was it to further expand the role of the devil?

  2. Glory To God! Abba Father I thank You for YOUR WORD That is True and Will Forever STAND! Search our Hearts Oh Lord, and If You Find anything that’s NOT Like YOU, Lord PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY, and Cleanse us from ALL Unrighteousness!! Lord open our Eyes, Ears to Your Word, as Precious Holy Spirit, make us Quick to Repent, with Godly Sorrow, that will cause our Hearts & Minds to consistently Align with Yours, in the Mighty Name of JESUS! Thank You Father that You are a PRO-LIFE GOD, and that You Hate the Shed Blood of the INNOCENT- Of Those ‘IN The Womb as WELL as The Blood of Those ‘OUTSIDE Of The Womb! Father we know that Nothing is Hidden from You.We Decree- LET JUSTICE RUN SOWN A RIVER, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM!” HALLELUJAH To the PRECIOUS LAMB of GOD!☝

  3. I love your prophetic gift! I too am a warrior for the Lord. I am locked in and loaded for release of signs and wonders. Greater risks, greater miracles!

  4. Veronika you have such sweet spirit and yet will speak with the intensity of the Lord against those who are complicit in the acts of abortion and murder of our babies and who are trying to force the Christians to support and pay for these abortions. God will not allow their blood or their cries of pain to go unpunished. I wanted to share a recent video Jonathan Cahn spoke a prophetic word to Joe Biden for just this reason. It has been hidden by you-tube but is available on other search engines like duckduckgo or yippy. I have the URL here if you or any others are interested in this powerful word. Thank you for giving us the truth when God speaks it to you. Many Blessings on you.

    Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message to Joe Biden.

  5. You know how Jesus said that all the blood of the prophets from Abel to Zechariah, all the murdered prophets–the judgment for that was all going to come upon the generation that rejected Jesus.  I have been remembering that and thinking that Joe Biden is heaping judgment on himself by an executive order to use our tax dollars to fund abortion and also fund abortions in foreign countries.  After the country voted for pro-life–to reverse all the progress on pro-life.  What if the blood of all the babies was to come upon this generation of the democratic party?  Yikes!  Biden is in the cross-hairs of judgment.

    • Veronica, have you seen the You Tube video by Bro. Tim Dixon, 01-24-2021?  Type that in to your search bar. He had an amazing prophetic dream that is just what you heard the Spirit say–major confirmation.  It linked to another dream he had but I didn’t get the date of it.  I think at the end of the dated video it will link to the second dream–both about Pres Trump being brought back by God.  In the second one he saw God speak to a Supreme Court Judge.  Both dreams–very impressive and both confirm things you have seen and heard.  Maybe you can link to him.

  6. Sadly there are those who listen to familiar spirits rather than the spirit of God. They speak from their own hear and declare their own thoughts rather than Gods thoughts. Soon and shortly have become the words used by those who have no understanding of the times we are in. They say one thing and than when their prophecy fails to come to fruition they change their tune and come up with excuses because their ego prevents them from seeing the truth. They are truly deaf dumb and blind.  They argue continually and are unable to accept what God is saying, because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    • Thats how I pray against all the evil doers. I pray that they repent but if not God already told us. Vengeance belongs to Him and He WILL Repay.and right now the demonic democrats are working for the devil in every way they can and we nee to pray against them and bind the works of the devil in Jesus name and to loose His Vengeance.

  7. Even as we pray for their exposure and downfall, let’s also remember that King Manasseh of Judah was guilty of all these things, yet he remembered the LORD in prison and the LORD had mercy on him and freed him.

    Let’s also remember that Saul of Tarsus was having followers of the Way put to death, but look what the Lord did with him!

    So concerning these wicked and deceived people, I also pray that before they breathe their last the Lord will open their eyes and cause them to ‘see the One that they have pierced’; that they will be ‘cut to the core’ and that they will be granted a ‘spirit of supplication’ so that like the thief on the cross, they might call upon the Lord and be saved.

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