Obadiah’s Cave


God has always had His prophets.  The New Testament (NT) church of today, might as well get used to that.  No one can defy what He has written in His holy Word; He set them in the NT church; no one can take them out.

Unbelief is a sin; we cannot continue to pick and choose what we want to adhere to.  The Angel of the Lord, did not tell the prophet to eat part of the roll; He instructed him to eat all of it; and he did. It really is all, or nothing.

Ahab and his despicable wife Jezebel, intended to kill all of the prophets of God.  There was a man called Obadiah, an overseer in the house of Ahab, that took and hid, 100 prophets of the Lord, in caves; fifty in each. Just as the wicked did in that day, the modern day church as we know it, has been clever in omitting this office of the five-fold ministry; except for a very few hand appointed ones who were allowed to operate on a limited basis.  What it has cost the church, will only be known, when we stand at the judgment.

We need to pay close attention to what Obadiah fed them.  It was not a full meal; it was not T-bone steak or a rack of lamb.  It was bread and water.  Not much of a meal, you might say.  What we can note, is that prophets of God, know how to survive during all kinds of adversity.  They know the lean way of the land; especially those dismissed or pushed out of fertile fields.  It must be said, that true prophets, are willing to give their lives, for what they believe.  Once they are assured they have been given a message and a mission from the Spirit, hard as it may be, they will stand on it, without fail.

No one, can stop God.  And we must always hear His voice.  Without those He has chosen to speak as oracles, there is often no correction and at times, no vision.  Many say that they do not need a prophet in their lives; that they can hear from God themselves.  Perhaps; but would you receive one, if the Spirit sent them to speak with you, or to your church.  If there was no need for these chosen and called vessels, God would not have had them throughout the entire old will, and not re-instated them in the new one.

The cave, is not always an easy place.  There can be much sadness, and feelings of loneliness and despair.  It takes a special person to be a prophet and that is why they are called before they even breathe their first breath.  It is obvious, the modern church did not accept women preachers for a very long time; they often do not appreciate women prophets, much in the same manner.  However, that has never stopped God.  God does all of the real choosing, not us.

One day, the brook dries up, and the prophet moves on to act out whatever it is God sent them to do.  It’s not always an easy road.

Those prophets were saved for a reason; just as many have been today.  Time in the cave, will pay off one day.  To our weeping prophets, your tears have all been counted, and they are surely, not in vain; thus saith the Lord.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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