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Obedience is better than Sacrifice! — 3 Comments

  1. Adrianne
    Thank you so much for your strong words. They are of the Spirit because as I read I am weeping, as the Spirit touches me deeply.
    I thank God that He is my Defender, who will vindicate me.
    Waiting on Him

  2. Thank God for your return to this website and for this timely word. My other sister I prayed fervently for you, believing you’d be back to share the Word of God as He gives it to you. I can’t thank God enough for this message; every single part of it. I’m especially thankful for the confirmation: “The Lord says Watch Me defend you…” Sis, I’m keeping my hands clean by God’s grace. God bless you INDEED!

  3. Tank you Apostle for this encouraging message. It is touching me a lot. I will do so my dearest as you have instructed us. I am so very blessed and inspires by your beautiful words. God bless you!

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