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October 2018 Will Bring Sudden Change! — 3 Comments

  1. Dead.  Gone for 22 minutes and 18 seconds.  What I experienced has no human words for it.  The love, so pure, unconditional, taught me to forgive, not others, but myself.  Like Mark in 2010 I saw the white-haired man who backs down to no one.  Hated by many because he personifies what each of you are but unworthy to obtain and hang on to.  During my death state I was shown so much of the future of our world.  God calls many but few take up the yoke.  I saw Trump become president in 2010 when the first heart attack came upon me.  The most profound death in 2014 shook me to my soul core.  In living the love, it loved me back, I loved harder and so did it.  I lost any knowledge of my being or my consciousness.  I was one with the one in that very moment. .I was shown storms, volcanos, floods and the like.  But more than anything I saw man’s division in politics, religion, schooling, cultures, and societies but most shown was division within man himself.  I did not understand nor did I understand seeing our planet blow up.  I fully understand now for any part of me that eased God out, was a choice made in haste or for money, prestiege, love, and forgiveness.  But the greatest gift this special God of my u derstanding gave me was my free will.  It said unto me, if you put me on a pedestal, you don’t know me, so stand up here with me.  If you fight or make war or peace in my name you do not know me.  If you turn a cheek or close an eye you do not know me, but if you believe and have faith in whatever YOU have chosen to create, then you know me, as unconditional, unwavering love.

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