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  1. That is a powerful spoken Word, Sandi. I loved that song.

    I declare victory with you! Also we are going to a new place in Him with souls to bring along with us.

    A much pivotal time we are in for October. Love you sis.

    • Thanks so much my sister. As I type this reply to you, I am singing and “Raising a Hallelujah” to the Giant that came to knock the breath out of me and take the breath of life out of me. So I am in the Presence of the Lord and I am raising a Hallelujah louder than my enemy. I thank God for your prayers of agreement with Bev, Pris, Angus and Jill. Together we cry VICTORY! Yes we are in a pivotal time and THE KING IS ALIVE!! SING A LITTLE LOUDER! His love never fails. Love you much. Sandi

  2. Thank you Sandi for your obedience to post this beautiful Word of encouragement.  I see this like a beautiful mosaic of the brilliant colors of His creation for us to enjoy.  He is truly altogether lovely and worthy of our praise!!! This Word is like a symphony for us to enjoy and meditate upon.  To Him be all glory abd praise!!!

    • So glad to be the messenger of encouragement to you Maria. I am humbled to celebrate His victory of pain and suffering for us that we might have victory over every giant. The battle is raging in the nations and our towns and especially in the lukewarm churches but we are the victors against this Giant of unbelief and jealousy. I continue to Raise a Hallelujah with Jonathan and Melissa and the anointing of God to break every chain, break every chain that is shutting many up in hospital prisons. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

    • Dear Maria, It is my joy to be a carrier of His encouragement. Thank you so much for the beautiful description of His creation and I humbly embrace the beautiful symphony of His Victory as we truly bask in His presence and Raise a Hallelujah in the presence of our enemies. Forever grateful, Sandi Holman

    • Dear Pris, I cannot thank you enough for standing firm with me as I battled for the breath of life. I raise a Hallelujah in the presence of the enemy. The giants are falling and Victory is ours. May God bless you abundantly and multiply back to you 100 fold all that you give. Love you much, my sister. Sandi

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